Kooomo Webinar Series: eCommerce Accelerated

Going Global: Expand your reach into lucrative international markets.

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The world is getting smaller, local boundaries are vanishing and the opportunities to reach new customers are greater than any other time in history. International expansion is one of the top priorities for retailers, and it’s no surprise, with 66% of online shoppers buying goods from overseas stores.

The third in the Kooomo webinar series will give you the knowledge to help expand your footprint and increase turnover through cross-border sales.

Join our localisation and international sales gurus who will show you how you can go global while acting local. Some of the topics we’ll cover:

    1. Accepting multiple currencies
    2. Shipping internationally
    3. Taxes and documentation
    4. Going global, staying local

The webinar will include a Q&A period at the end, but if you’d like to get your questions in early, please include them when you register.

Date: Wednesday, July 12th, 4pm BST

Registration for this webinar has now ended
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