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Winning eCommerce Strategies - Kooomo X Segmentify

Curious about recovering lost sales through proper use of personalisation?

In the second episode of our partner eCommerce webinar series 'Winning eCommerce Strategies', we're joined by Murat Soysal, Co-founder of Segmentify, to share their insights.

Topics covered include:
- The current personalisation landscape
- The revenue potential for businesses who use personalisation
- How to overcome complex integration of tech and data
- The role of personalisation in deliveries
- Where AI comes into play
- Retailers personalisation checklist

Whether you're new to the personalisation game, or already offering a personalised experience and want to take it to the next level, this is the eCommerce webinar for you...watch it back now!

eCommerce webinar

How to Unlock Lost Revenue with the Power of Personalisation with Segmentify

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