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Sell Everywhere With Kooomo

We make omnichannel easy and accessible.
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Increase Your Omnichannel Sales

Create new sales channels and manage inventory effortlessly. Manage all of the orders in one platform and focus on growing your business.

Access hundreds of different channels to choose to sell from.

Kooomo grow business

73% of consumers use multiple channels
for conducting their shopping journey,
according to their customer journey.


Sell Via 200+ Channels

Get customers from every online channel. Sell on marketplaces, social networks and search engines. Implementing more channels via Kooomo automation, your business will grow faster than ever.

  • Marketplace channels: Reach customers, grow your business, and increase profits by uniting all marketplaces in a powerful platform.
  • Social channels: No coding or plugins needed as Kooomo is a one stop shop for social selling platforms, like Facebook & Instagram.
  • Search channels: Automate your catalogue for multiple channels and ensure products are optimised for search results like Google Shopping.
Kooomo ecommerce automation

Manage All Of Your Ecommerce Channels

Sell on multiple channels with Kooomo. Add and manage products easily on Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping or Amazon.
Kooomo Feed management

Feed management

Synchronise high-quality product data across all sales channels. Forget about spending your time and money to optimise the same data for each one of them. Our platform does it for you.

From the setup to localised payments and shipping options, without any coding.

Kooomo Marketplaces


Integrate your products to marketplaces with a seamless, unified experience through our platform. Connect to Amazon and sell your products with the most powerful, data-backed platform.
Kooomo Social


Include all your products in social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram without coding or external plugins. All in one platform. Kooomo is designed to fit seamlessly with all your selling channels.
Kooomo search feature


Save time and resources by synchronising your catalogue for search results from our platform. Forget optimising long feeds for Google Shopping; use Kooomo to automate the process, without any manual work.

Keep Up With All Channels

Expand market reach by selling via multiple marketplaces. Manage all of your inventory, orders, and sales data in one place, by avoiding one-on-one integration costs.
  • Eliminate the need for one-on-one integrations. Automate your process and start selling faster than ever
  • Manage all channels from a single place. Discover, manage and publish your products from our platform
  • Sell through new channels as they emerge. Launch a new product or break into new markets with Kooomo

A True Omnichannel Experience

Kathy Smyth
After Reviewing The Competition, We Selected Kooomo Because They Have An Impressive Client Roster And Proven Expertise In Delivering Omnichannel Solutions.

Kathy Smyth - Butlers' Marketing Manager

Run Your Online Store And Channels In One Place

No need to duplicate product catalogues, inventory or separate order management tools as you can manage your online store and Omnichannel channels from Kooomo.

  • Implement listings of your catalogue, easily update product information in multiple channels with a few clicks.
  • Integrate feed management tools in your store. Manage omnichannel inventory & update product information.
  • Manage orders from all of your channels in one place through Kooomo’s admin dashboard.
Kooomo Omnichannel