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Success Stories

Explore and discover how Kooomo has empowered businesses
with its cutting-edge cross-border and omnichannel eCommerce platform,
driving unparalleled growth and global success.


“Within 24 hours you can get your site live in a foreign language.”

Kooomo Blauer usa

The Challenge

By 2011 Blauer was operating 4 flagship stores across Italy and the Czech Republic and the company soon realised that they needed to build their online presence if they were going to continue to grow.

When Giuseppe and his wife Federica Fusco decided to launch the Blauer online store in 2012, they needed an eCommerce solution that would deliver true scalability, and a great customer experience, whilst maintaining its brand values. They needed a partner to integrate everything from web design, logistics and CRM, which would give Blauer a holistic approach to eCommerce with a consistent feel, both online and off.

Blauer’s motto is “Uncompromising Performance”, and that’s exactly what they needed Kooomo to deliver.

The Results

Currently, Blauer invests around 10% in digital marketing and typically see up to 10 times return on investment. FGF Industry, who are owners of the Blauer brand, now has a workforce of 65, and a turnover in the region of €40m per year. They see the potential for online as huge and they are expecting to grow by a further 60% in 2017.

«We monitor customer reviews all the time, and constructive comments have allowed us to shape how we deliver a great online experience. They have also had an impact on our future collections and helped to improve our product descriptions. Most importantly, this has been a big factor in increasing our engagement and conversion rates.”

Blauer needed an international commerce platform that would work with its global vision: multiple currencies, tax rates and languages. “Within 24 hours you can get your site live in a foreign language.”


Butlers moves to Kooomo and achieves record online growth YoY

Kooomo Butlers

The Challenge

While the company was happily expanding into new markets, its eCommerce strategy was hindered by limitations on features coupled with a dated look and feel, which were all impacting the customer journey.

Butlers implemented Magento’s eCommerce platform to operate their online store and it was time to move up to an enterprise-level solution to align with the company’s ambitious digital strategy.

As a luxury chocolate brand with a steady stream of new rivals, they needed to nail their eCommerce strategy by finding a partner that could provide a reliable solution and help them achieve short and long term sales targets as well as future-proof their business.

The Solution

Moving from one eCommerce platform to another is risky business, so Butlers were looking for a solution that they could trust. They carried out a review of a number of vendor offerings and decided to partner with Kooomo to implement their digital transformation.

This process began by moving its eCommerce systems onto Kooomo’s eCommerce platform, which took 4 months to implement. This provided Butlers with a robust, future-proofed platform that was built to scale and evolve as the company’s digital strategy dictated.


Why Kooomo?


Easy and rapid out of the box international sales with ultra-local configuration options.

Flexibility And Scalability

All the power to take you to the top shop position under one roof, or with integrated partner solutions.


Industry-leading features all in one place – you do not pay any more for add-ons or modules.

Integrated Payments

All-in-one payment options that create even better value for money.