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Success Stories

Empowering business success

Explore and discover how Kooomo has empowered businesses with its cutting-edge cross-border and omnichannel eCommerce platform, driving unparalleled growth and global success.
Kooomo Success Stories


Why did our customers choose Kooomo?

Ignite international sales

Easy and rapid out of the box international sales with ultra-local configuration options. 
Seamlessly manage multi-store, language, currency setups, or promotions per zone with ease.

All-in-one platform

Kooomo stands out as a core, all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for plugins or addons, ensuring seamless and comprehensive e-commerce functionality.

Payments made easy

Kooomo Payments is a one-stop shop for all local payments that offers a suite of benefits & payment options, such as credit and debit cards, digital wallets (Apple & Google Pay), buy now pay later, local payment methods, and PoS features.

Sell everywhere from one place

Get customers from every online channel. Sell on marketplaces, social networks, and search engines and manage inventory and orders in Kooomo's platform effortlessly focusing on growing your business.


“Within 24 hours you can get your
site live in a foreign language.”

Kooomo Blauer usa

The History

When Blauer was founded in Boston in 1936, as a supplier of high quality clothing for the USA armed forces and Police & Fire Departments, its founders could not have imagined that at the turn of the next century their company would be a global fashion brand.

That was the vision of FGF Industry, a family-run Italian clothing business with a rich heritage in fashion. Its forward-thinking owner Enzo Fusco, saw an opportunity to take Blauer international, by retaining the DNA of the Blauer brand, and re-imagining it as fashion apparel for a worldwide market.

FGF Industry CEO Giuseppe D’Amore explains the beginnings of their Blauer story: “When FGF Industry acquired Blauer, we were determined to retain the distinct styling; zippers, elastics and reflective materials. We also wanted to bring the company into the 21st century, building a high quality fashion brand with mass market appeal.”

The Challenge

By 2011 Blauer was operating 4 flagship stores across Italy and the Czech Republic. Business was booming but, in-keeping with their tradition of innovation, the company realised that they needed to build their online presence if they were going to continue to grow.

When Giuseppe and his wife Federica Fusco decided to launch the Blauer online store in 2012, they wanted an ecommerce solution that would deliver a great customer experience, whilst maintaining its brand values. They needed a partner to integrate everything from web design, logistics and CRM, which would give Blauer an holistic approach to ecommerce with a consistent feel, both online and off. Blauer’s motto is “Uncompromising Performance”, and that’s exactly what they needed Kooomo to deliver.

The Results

Giuseppe describes the decision-making process: “Kooomo came recommended to me, as a scalable, future-proof platform that would allow us to align our online and offline strategies”. “What we got was so much more – a true e-commerce partner that understands how to achieve growth. Our online revenues are now into seven figures and we expect online to represent 20% of our business within 3 years”. Online fuels offline and vice versa, which leads to stellar performance and our sales increased by more than 20% last season compared to the previous year.”

Currently, Blauer invest around 10% in digital marketing and typically see up to 10 times return on investment. FGF Industry, who are owners of the Blauer brand, now have a workforce of 65, and a turnover in the region of €50m. They see the potential for online as huge and they are expecting to grow by a further 30% next year. During the last twelve months, Blauer have delivered to 34 countries from Canada to Korea and from Luxembourg to the Lebanon.

Blauer's Results

How Blauer cracked Germany

447% Growth increase

Blauer launched a combined SEO and Google Ads campaign to drive growth in the lucrative German market. By optimising the German website, it saw a marked increase in traffic and Google ads activity contributed to a 30% growth.

Germany now represents 30% of Blauer’s market and it is the combination of online and offline (Blauer can be found in 250 German stores) that has helped built this success.

What Blauers have to say


Butlers moves to Kooomo and achieves
record online growth YoY

Kooomo Butlers

The Overview

The Global Chocolate Market size is expected to reach approximately USD $161.56 billion in revenue by 2024 so it’s vital that retailers in this space stay on top of their game to leverage this opportunity to bring their brand to an international audience. However, with technology changing at the speed of light, it is incredibly challenging for online retailers to keep up with the demands of offering a slick and smooth customer experience, which is seamless across all geographic regions.

Butlers, Irish manufacturer of luxury chocolate products and proprietors of Butlers Chocolate Cafés in Ireland, Middle East and South Asia, first began selling online in 1998. While the company was happily expanding into new markets, their digital commerce strategy was hindered by limitations on features coupled with a dated look and feel, which were all impacting the customer journey.

The Challenge

Butlers implemented Magento’s eCommerce platform to operate their online store and it was time to move up to an enterprise level solution to align with the company’s ambitious digital strategy. As a luxury brand with a steady stream of new rivals, they needed to nail their digital commerce strategy by finding a partner that could provide a reliable solution and help them achieve short and long term sales targets as well as future-proof their business.

The Solution

Moving from one digital commerce platform to another is a risky business so Butlers were looking for a solution that they could trust. They carried out a review of a number of vendor offerings and decided to partner with Kooomo to implement their digital transformation. This process began by moving its eCommerce systems onto Kooomo’s digital commerce platform, which took 4 months to implement. This provided Butlers with a robust, future-proofed platform that was built to scale and evolve as the company’s digital strategy dictated.


Kooomo’s rich feature set enables Butlers to deliver an exceptional customer experience by connecting all sales channels, from marketplaces to PoS.


Built with the global marketplace in mind, Kooomo can easily manage multiple languages, currencies, vat rates and legislation, which allowed Butlers to focus on their core business - manufacturing and selling luxury chocolate products to a worldwide audience. 


The Kooomo platform is constantly evolving, which offers great flexibility for Butler’s to build new bespoke features for their customers, such as their personalised hamper feature, which offers customers the ability to create their own hampers from Butler’s extensive range of luxury chocolate products.


Butlers now had access to Kooomo’s extensive network of the world’s leading technologies, which can be integrated with their online store to ensure that their business is both future-proofed but also optimised to attract, win and keep customers.

The Results

Since moving to Kooomo’s agile and global eCommerce platform, Butlers has overhauled its online store, which can quickly respond to the needs of the business while providing a truly seamless customer experience.

While Butlers’ luxury chocolates are enjoyed throughout the year, its peak seasons include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. The results below reflect the growth from 2018 v 2019. The figures show continued growth year on year utililising the Kooomo platform and 1 click integrations.









What Butlers have to say


Umbro's Successful Entry into the Italian
eCommerce Market with Kooomo

Kooomo Umbro

The Overview

Umbro, a renowned sportswear brand, embarked on a new venture to establish its online presence in Italy, a market where it had not previously sold its products through e-commerce channels. To execute this initiative effectively, Umbro sought a reliable e-commerce platform that could cater to its international expansion plans, provide comprehensive business management solutions, and offer specialized support tailored to the sport and fashion retail sector. After thorough evaluation, Umbro selected Kooomo's e-commerce platform as its preferred solution.

The Challenges

  1. Lack of Online Presence: Umbro had not ventured into the Italian e-commerce market before, presenting a challenge in establishing a robust online sales channel.
  2. Need for a Comprehensive Solution: Umbro required an e-commerce platform that could seamlessly integrate various aspects of its business operations, including inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management.
  3. Sector-Specific Expertise: Given Umbro's position in the sportswear industry, the company sought a partner with experience in working with sport and fashion retailers to ensure the platform's suitability for its unique requirements.
  4. Language and Support: Umbro emphasized the importance of having an Italian-speaking dedicated project manager who could provide personalized guidance throughout the implementation process and ongoing support post-launch.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: While seeking a high-quality solution, Umbro also aimed for affordability and appreciated models that aligned success between the brand and the platform provider.

The Solution

Umbro found Kooomo's e-commerce platform to be the ideal solution for its needs. Kooomo offered a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provided the flexibility and scalability necessary for international expansion. The platform's comprehensive suite of features encompassed all aspects of e-commerce management, ensuring a seamless end-to-end solution for Umbro. Furthermore, Kooomo's expertise in serving sport and fashion retailers gave Umbro confidence in the platform's suitability for its niche market.

One of the key factors in Umbro's decision to partner with Kooomo was the availability of an Italian-speaking dedicated project manager who guided the brand through every stage of the implementation process. This personalized support ensured that Umbro's specific requirements were understood and addressed effectively, making the transition to e-commerce smoother and more efficient.

Umbro also appreciated Kooomo's "shared success" model, which aligned the platform provider's success with the brand's own achievements. This approach not only underscored Kooomo's commitment to delivering value but also ensured that the platform remained affordable without compromising on quality.

The Results

The collaboration between Umbro and Kooomo yielded significant results:

  1. Successful Online Launch: Umbro successfully launched its e-commerce platform in the Italian market, marking its entry into online retailing in the region.
  2. Enhanced Business Management: Kooomo's comprehensive e-commerce solution enabled Umbro to streamline its business operations, from inventory management to order processing, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
  3. Personalized Support: The presence of an Italian-speaking dedicated project manager facilitated effective communication and support, ensuring that Umbro's needs were met throughout the implementation and post-launch phases.
  4. Cost-Effective Growth: Through Kooomo's shared success model, Umbro achieved its e-commerce goals in a cost-effective manner, maximizing return on investment while maintaining quality and affordability.

What Umbro have to say