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Winning eCommerce Strategies - Kooomo X Adyen

Curious about the latest news on payments, VAT and invoicing?
In this episode of our 'Winning eCommerce Strategies' eCommerce webinar series, we break down everything merchants need to know about European eCommerce .

We're joined by Colin Neil, SVP of Business Development (UK) at Adyen to share their insights on the following topics:

- Localised payment methods and cultural nuances in Europe
- VAT and e-invoicing regulations
- Payment fraud prevention (including 3D Secure 2.0 & PSD2)
- Payment best practices for your online store

So whether you want to know what the preferred payments are among consumers Germany versus Italy, or what revenue threshold your business needs to reach in the Netherlands in order to have to register for VAT, this is going to be the webinar for you!

eCommerce Webinar

Understanding European Payment Methods and VAT for Cross Border eCommerce with Adyen

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