Webinar: How to Fulfil Your Customers' Delivery Expectations

A bad delivery experience can cause irreparable damage to an online business’ reputation - losing repeat customers, harming your brand’s image, and that’s assuming purchases aren’t abandoned in the first place!

In this special webinar, Kooomo CEO Ciaran Bollard is joined by Andy Mulcahy, Strategy & Insight Director at IMRG, and Patrick Taylor, Business Development Manager at Loqate, to look at what customers really want from deliveries and how retailers can create a delivery experience that goes far beyond signing for a package!

Topics covered include:
The key challenges for retailers around delivery
Customer expectations - what to do when you can't offer free shipping
Best practices for communicating with your customers throughout the shipping process
How to prevent delivery failures through UX
Q&A session with the panel

Want to get your delivery strategy in check ahead of the busiest shopping season of the year? Watch now!

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