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What will the future hold for retailers as technology continues to advance at the speed of light?

At what point can we no longer refer to smartphones as 'technology'? With advances in eCommerce moving at the speed of light, it's becoming increasingly challenging for retailers to stay on top of new trends. 

In this podcast, we join Andy Mulcahy of IMRG, as well as a number of eCommerce professionals to discuss what direction retail technology is headed, including:

- What the main issues facing retailers are, and how technology can help solve them
- What shoppers want, and what they look for in terms of technology and customer experience
- Online retailers who have embraced technology (and how it's affected their bottom line!)
- The importance of data in the modern age
- Ready to find out what the future holds for technology in online retail? Listen now!

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The Future of Technology in Online Retail (IMRG)

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