2021 proved to be another challenging year, as companies and retailers took advantage of exciting opportunities to adapt to the massive changes in consumer behaviour and the changes of eCommerce.

  A year in review, searchability, the best deals from Black Friday, 5 things we have learned since retail stores re-opened and Google´s latest update on SEO page titles-  these are Kooomo´s best blogs of 2021.


In case you didn't read our top 5 blogs, here is a summary:

1.Kooomo 2021: A year in review

    Without a doubt, 2021 has been quite the year for Kooomo! Rebranding, winning prestigious awards, launching successful webinars and brand new features... to name but a few of our biggest moments this year.   In this blog, we took a look back at all the highs and how Kooomo has been making waves in the eCommerce industry.

2.Electronic Commerce: searchability is a crucial issue

  Recent eCommerce surveys indicate that the search bar is the preferred tool by 30% of users of online web stores and services. According to the latest sector data, during 10% of shopping sessions, internal search is used and a quarter of the revenue, about 24%, is generated by the users who use it. 

The searchability that allows the user to find the product they want, therefore, becomes not just an important factor but it’s also capable of decreeing the success or failure of an eCommerce site.

3. 5 things we have learned since retail stores reopened

    In 2021, retailers were reimagining their stores’ inline new consumer habits and CX   became a key differentiator from competitors - with self-service, appointment shopping and click and collect front and centre.    In July, we emphasized topics like omnichannel, the rise of fashion, decrease in home furnishing, good performance of local stores and a dip in retail spending.

4.Black Friday: The best deals from our retailers


     Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best-known shopping events of the year. In this blog, we detailed the most exciting promotions from Irish retailers: Avoca, Celtic Tweeds and Kaliedy.


5.SEO Page Titles: Google's latest update

 In this  SEO blog, we discussed the purpose of the page titles, as the new Google latest update was released in June.

There is no doubt that authentic HTML meta tags will be managed over 80% of the time, making title tags a very important key factor for an accurate search engine optimization strategy. 


 Even though 2021 was a challenging year for both retailers and customers, Kooomo was able to step up ahead of the competition and reinvent itself.   Keep an eye on the Kooomo blog to discover more exciting news, as we continue to grow, improve and share our expertise on eCommerce topics.