Search Engine Optimization is an industry that requires constant work on its performance and total success. Therefore, SEO is a priority and it gives us the possibility to improve the organic visibility of a website. Today we will discuss some of the most important SEO trends for 2022, so you can efficiently plan your SEO activities for your company.

1.Artificial Intelligence  

    There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people use online content. Using an intelligent algorithm allows us to do the things that we enjoy doing and it facilitates the searches that we do on Google SERP. As a general rule, search engines do not share their technologies and updates, but it is foreseen that it will improve the user experience when you are searching for a specific product or service. Ranking factors such as click-through rate to time on a page could be included.

How to adapt your strategy:

  • Get the attention of your readers with useful information and structured content.

2.The rise of voice search 

   It is estimated that 55% of households will own a smart speaker in 2022. This is because modern innovations such as Google Assistant, Siri from Apple or Amazon Alexa are increasing in popularity.

How to adapt your strategy: 

  • You should search for long-tail keywords, as voice searches tend to work best with longer phrases in a natural way.


  By 2025, it is foreseen that 73% of Internet users will perform searches only through mobile devices. Moreover, web designers will keep on incorporating features that do not depend on keyboard input, like voice commands, virtual or augmented reality.

How to adapt your strategy: 

  • Upgrade the mobile platforms of your tools and bring more organic traffic to your website through this channel.

4.Semantically related keywords 

         If in the past, SEO specialists took into consideration primary keywords, nowadays, secondary keywords are very important too. The SEO savvy are expecting that semantic search and intent optimization will become more important in the future. Google is no longer just checking the strings of words, but it is analysing the user’s search intent. 

How to adapt your strategy

  • Add more relevant information with the help of primary and secondary keywords.

 5. Videos

Without any doubt, an effective SEO strategy should include videos. In case you didn't know, eCommerce that contain video content are 53 times more likely to rank in the first page of Google´s search results. Since content such as articles and images are increasing your search visibility, all kind of website videos can strenghten your business online presence. Therefore, now is the best time to include videos to your website. 

How to adapt your strategy:

  • By optimizing the name and description in your video channel, always provide the information and resources of your channel. Keep in mind that keyword strategy is an important part of the SEO strategy too.

6.Social Listening   

Social listening is the process of monitoring your online brand’s social media handles. It consists in acquiring customer feedback or promoting your services.

 How to adapt your strategy:

  • Track any conversation on a certain topic, keyword or competitor relevant to your domain for acquiring insights and taking action on those opportunities.

7.Google E.A.T

 The content that meets Google E.A.T  requirements will rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page, by Google stats. E-A-T is the abbreviation of Expertise, Authoritative & Trustworthiness, which are the three elements that tell Google if one website is trusted or not.

How to adapt your strategy:

  • Create a profile of your hypothetical client, which will benefit to understand the type of content which your clients value. Perform search intent research to support you map out the user journey.


  SEO continues to be an important factor of your business plan for 2022. Keep in mind that today the market is more interconnected than ever, so you should be up to date with the latest trends. Follow Kooomo SEO blog for more exciting news.