By 2024, 51,7% of eCommerce spending is expected to be performed by digital and mobile wallets. Retailers using the Kooomo platform will be able to accept more payments and never miss a transaction, due to the launch of Kooomo Payments. 

What is Kooomo Payments? 

  Kooomo Payments is the newest eCommerce feature that helps you to manage international payments by improving your conversion rate on your website.
Kooomo partners with Adyen to launch Kooomo Payments  
 By partnering with
Adyen, Kooomo has created a modern technology solution to accept payments anywhere in the world. Adyen is the payments platform for many of the world's leading companies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard and consumers' globally preferred payment methods. Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile and in-store channels. By leveraging Adyen’s leading payments technology and global licences, Kooomo is able to simplify and enhance the payment experience for the Kooomo Payments feature, all within the Kooomo platform. 

We all know that threats of fraudulent attacks cost your business time and money. Adyen has enabled an automated fraud defence system, taking the responsibility away from the merchant.

What are the benefits of using Kooomo Payments?

1. Cutting edge payment methods 

 Thanks to the Kooomo Payments feature,  you will be able to accept any payment method from Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay and iDEAL. Moreover, you will have the possibility of paying anywhere securely and at a lower cost than you can find anywhere else.

  2. Simplify your payment set-up

With Kooomo Payments, you can get started quickly. You won’t need separate contracts, plugins or third-party integrations. Integrate all major payment methods quickly, just with a few clicks.

 3. Unify your business operations

With Kooomo Payments, all your business operations are going smooth from the very beginning. You don’t need to worry about extra contracts, plugins or third-party integrations.

4. Secure & Anti-Fraud  

With Kooomo Payments,  your only focus is to grow your business, as we will manage the rest of the operations and processes. Keep your business safe by preventing fraud, automatically.

5. Sell worldwide

Kooomo Payments provides you access to the most well-known local payment methods, while you will become a personalised and localised payment provider. Do you know that in the Netherlands, over 80% of all online payments are done through iDeal?

6. Increase conversion rate

Thanks to Kooomo Payments, your customers will be able to choose their favourite payment method with only one integration and 100% optimised, made to appear perfect on any screen.

7. Combine with Subscriptions (Coming Soon)

When using Kooomo Payments, you can also avail of our native Subscriptions feature to sell products & accept payments on a recurring basis thus increasing revenue. Moreover, enabling Kooomo Payments with Subscriptions provides you to offer recurring payments for repeat orders.
Nevertheless, by enabling Kooomo Payments on your website,  you will have the following benefits:
  • Approving more transactions without doing any extra work,
  • Getting access to a centralized view of your transactions across devices,
  • Less interruption, better success rates and more revenue.

Am I eligible for Kooomo Payments?     

Kooomo Payments opens retailers who are on the Kooomo platform and have access to all leading local payment methods, as mentioned above.  In case you wish to reduce the cost and simplify your payments process, you can now enable Kooomo Payments on your eCommerce website.


   Implementing Kooomo Payments is a must-have for online retailers who use the Kooomo platform. As a better alternative to standard payment methods, Kooomo Payments, partnered with Adyen, are expanding into international markets with integrated payment methods.  Stay ahead of your competitors and get in touch with Kooomo for the implementation of our most exciting eCommerce feature.