As spending on SEO has one of the most valuable roles in the online business area, most web administrators are already making attempts to sort Google organic page ranking algorithms. Google Discover has the potential to gain more visitors in 2022.
In this blog, we will discuss, in detail, what Google Discover is and how you can improve your eCommerce business for it.

 First of all, Google Discover is the tool that replaced Google Feed in 2018 and which helps 800 million monthly active users. Its purpose is to promote hand-selected news and articles directly for user feeds. By creating a profile of users and providing them with relevant content, Google offers opportunities to obtain first-party data, the same way as your eCommerce website does.
Moreover, consumer profiles should include the following factors:
  • The search history - unique to GoogleBrowser history of websites Activity on any installed apps
  • Location, assuming this information has not been secured in settings
  • Nevertheless, Google has access to your audience and is eager to check its performance through Discovery. 
Why you should improve Google Discover
Google Discover attracts a returning audience to your website. It allows users to follow a certain brand or business, ensuring that the content will always appear on their smartphone. Therefore, you should gain this loyalty. 

How to do this:
  • By attracting your target audience, deliver content that proves that your brand can be relied on.
Moreover, Google Discover predicts what users want to learn and provides this to a high degree. Let´s imagine that five of the most visited websites are the following: the first one, which specialised in giving tips for runners, the second is a website which sells sports equipment, one which sells healthy food in their town and a food blog that contains lots of recipes. These web preferences indicate to us that the user is enjoying sports and fitness, all being reflected in the Google Discovery feed.
How can I optimize for Google Discover?

1.Adapt to Google's policies

  For starters, Google Discover is a property belonging to Google, so you should check the organic search and page ranking practices. It is also necessary to improve the potential for Google Discover and your website should maintain standard protocols of white hat SEO. The content is less likely to be chosen by Google Discover and if you don´t pay attention to improving the page ranking, the quality score will drop.

2. Create a Google My Business account 

Google wishes to provide users with the finest and most important connections. If you are using Discover for eCommerce purposes, Google will consider the Google My Business account as quality proof.
Therefore, you will be selected by Discover if you have an active profile that encourages organic reviews.

3. Ensure mobile compatibility

If we take into consideration web design possibilities, mobile compatibility is essential. Google Discovery is a mobile-centric tool, but you can be surprised at how many fall into this problem.
By using Mobile Usability Report, you can check how your website performs.

4. Create larger images to boost compelling UX and boost CTRs

By featuring your card images in a large format, you can use the robot's meta tag max-image-preview setting. Therefore, it is a good way to gain more screen space and audience attention, which will drive CTR.
According to Google, this meant an increase of a food blog by 79% and drove a weekly magazine´s clicks by 332% in six months.

5. Find a niche and prove your knowledge

Popular keywords create a very competitive environment in Google Discovery. While you are among the major players in your industry, you can risk being muscled out by more persistent names. If you are writing about sports, ESPN will be chosen to discuss the playoffs and the important incidents in a game. By checking the regulations of the E-A-T algorithm,  the results will be visible in no time.
6. Visualize your target audience
Google Discover needs to match the perfect content with the perfect audience. This should be considered when creating blog posts and similar copy.Build a picture of your target audience and use Google Analytics to make sure that you are appealing to them.Based on these results, you should change your approach. For example, emotive language can attract one type of reader but discourage users who are most likely to convert. At the same time, you can find that you need to use less content and more images to draw the users you want.

7. Own your headlines carefully

Only 14% of Google text searches contain a question, in their structure. Therefore, you should include this in your headlines because by asking a question, you have more chances to be chosen by Discovery.  Moreover, you shouldn´t forget about Google´s search for relevance. A blog on the subject “How to increase your conversion rate” should detail these tricks of this process.

8. Make sure that the content is high qualitative

An alternative to creating compelling content is by analysing your search traffic on Google and performing keyword research.

9. Always keep up with the latest news

News and current events are essential for Google Discover. By definition, Google will deliver the latest news and articles.
Moreover, Google Discover is ranking for some search terms that SEO doesn´t, by opening more opportunities. This means that you should produce content about the latest Twitter disagreement and wait for the clicks to strike. If this goes against your brand values, it will have consequences in the long run.
10. Increase your brand awareness

Users discover and follow your Google Discover profile while paying attention to your brand. Use your marketing campaigns to monitor people following you here.

11. Post new content regularly

Google Discover checks the newest insights and articles to share with users. An evergreen blog is more likely to be chosen than something else, supposing that it has the quality standards mentioned above.

Be mindful that the articles selected by Google Discover tend to have a shorter life than something that is composed with an organic SEO strategy in mind. Moreover, Google Discover can be very useful for a marketing strategy.

12. Add images and videos to your content

There is no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words, so Google Discover is checking for variety in its content. Websites that include images and videos in their blog posts see an improvement in their selection by Google Discover than the ones which are based on entire prose.
Quality is, therefore, more important than quantity. A small video that was shot on your smartphone and forced into your content will simply not come up to expectations. Discover is looking for high-definition images in static pictures so you should always go for the greatest resolution you can that relies on mobile-friendliness.

13. Share it on social media

Google Discover likes social engagement. With organic SEO, Discover selects and pushes content that attracts comments and shares on social media. Nevertheless, Google Discover can come closer to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, to strengthen the brand awareness of your website and get new followers.

Google Discover can be a great tool if you want to increase your organic traffic. In case the number of your visits is lower than you have expected before, you should follow our recommendations.