In 2022, being GDPR compliant is very important as recently, new regulations on who can use and access data generated in the European Union, across all economic sectors, were released. In today´s blog, we will discuss, in detail, what the new rules for General Data Protection Regulation are and how you can protect your website data.

What is GDPR?

First of all, the General Data Protection is the European legislation that regulates the collection and processing of personal data from persons inside the European Union.

Secondly, users and eCommerce businesses will likely have the opportunity to access data on their devices and make use of it and value-added services, such as predictive maintenance. Having access to more information, consumers and users like farmers, airlines will make better decisions, like buying higher quality or more sustainable products and services. 

Moreover, in agreement with the European data strategy, the Commission has released a summary of the most common European data spaces, which are being developed in more sectors and domains.

EU- data-driven leader

In agreement with the Data Governance Act, the proposal is the second main legislative initiative that results from the newest European strategy for data, by transforming the EU into a leader in a society driven by online data.

What exactly includes the proposal for Data Act?

   Measures that give people access to data generated by them, which are usually owned by manufacturers, and to share such data with third parties to supply data-driven original services. It maintains proposals for manufacturers to keep on investing in qualitative information, by covering their transfer-related costs and excluding the use of shared data in competition with their product.Measures to facilitate the negotiation power for SMEs by preventing contractual imbalances abuse. The Data Act will gather all their unfair contractual terms which were imposed by a party with a significantly stronger position.

What means the right to erasure?

In the 17th Article of the UK GDPR, individuals have the right to have personal data erased. Also known as the “right to be forgotten”, the right is only applied to data held at the time the request was made. It does not apply to data that may be done in the future. The right is only relevant to certain circumstances.

Be GDPR compliant with Kooomo

Kooomo is the eCommerce platform that protects your data and your customers' privacy.  We store all our data on servers which are based in Europe,  Ireland and Italy, in private data centres. 

We request customers' approval on:
  • Confirmation of understanding the Privacy Policy for personal data processing
  • Acceptance to the processing of personal information for marketing purposes
  • Acceptance to access the personal data, for market research and statistics

Take ownership of your data and protect your privacy

Kooomo allows you to protect your user's privacy. At any moment, you will know where your data is stored and what is going on with it, with no external influence.
As we have seen above, being GDPR compliant is something to look for in 2022. Kooomo facilitates you with data protection and guarantees 100% privacy and security. Keep up to date with Kooomo Blog for more relevant news from the eCommerce world.