The customer is always right, and now they’re holding all the cards. They’re accustomed to getting what they want, when they want and where they want it. They can shop on a bus, by the beach and while they’re in bed and it’s up to you to accommodate them. If not they’ll go next door.

With so many areas of expertise needed within a 21st century store, it’s crucial that your team are on the same page. I’m going to show you in a (slightly imaginary) real-life scenario how you can synchronise your staff so that they can keep your customers satisfied.
Let’s imagine the workday of 3 team members in a company selling shoes, with stores across Europe and the US, warehouses in Madrid and New York and a HQ in London. They’ve got surplus stock of cherry red shoes in New York that they want to shift in time for the Spring season. We take up the story one week into a two-week campaign…

The Warehouse Maestro – New York – 09:00

Anthony is our Warehouse Manager, a self-confessed data geek who lives and breathes numbers. He is in charge of picking, packing and shipping orders from the New York warehouse and dropped orders can ruin his day.

It’s 9am and he starts his day with an americano. Logging into the Kooomo dashboard, he needs up-to-date, accurate stock information to make sure that he can fulfil every ticket. With the stock synchronised in real-time through the brand’s omnichannel strategy, he sees exactly when orders come in and go out of his warehouse.

This morning he sees that 32 orders came in overnight for the cherry red shoes and were processed automatically by the order management system. Now they’re ready to be shipped.

The Ecommerce Guru – London – 14:00

It’s 2pm in London, and Lizzy the Ecommerce Manager, is preparing for the end-of-month meeting with her CEO. Lizzy likes to be in control and prides herself on knowing her customers through and through.

She sips her latte and logs into the Kooomo digital commerce platform which gives her a view of shopper behaviour and individual store performance in real-time.

This week’s campaign has been a real success so far, and yesterday’s USA newsletter paid dividends with 32 orders coming in for the cherry red shoes. She can focus her digital budget on the UK now that she has sold out her New York stock. She downloads the monthly analytics report and is ready for her meeting.

The Boss – Milan – 15:00

Sophia, the CEO, is in Malpensa Airport in Milan. It’s 3pm, she’s been at trade shows for the last two days and is about to fly back to London.

She’s got fifteen minutes before she boards her flight so she orders a single espresso, opens her laptop and logs into Kooomo. She doesn’t have time to go into the finer details and trusts her guys to make most of the day-to-day decisions.

She needs a glance at how the campaign is doing so that she can formulate a strategy for Spring. She sees that the turnover this month is almost twice what it was last year, sales from mobile devices are now accounting for more than half of all orders that are growing substantially in the US. She boards her plane and starts mapping out ideas for the Spring season.

Just like with your customers, giving your team the information they need in a format that suits them will keep them happy and help them work more efficiently. Where the Kooomo dashboard stands out is in its ability to bring all of your data in one unified console, putting your team on the same page and one step further towards delivering a great customer experience.