There are numerous factors that determine the UX, but a few of them are essential and every developer needs to pay special attention to them. These factors are:

  • Simplicity of the UI
  • Responsiveness of the platform
  • Customization options
The simplicity of UI allows easy usage of the e-commerce platform and that naturally creates great feedback from the users. If the platform is simple and intuitive, they will be more than happy to use it over and over again.

Responsiveness of the e-commerce platform is another segment of the UX that greatly determines its success. If a tool you are using reacts well to commands, you will feel comfortable using it. Since all serious online shopping projects deal with hundreds and thousands of items, it is easy to picture why the responsive platform will create a positive user experience.

Finally, the customization options are often the decisive factor when a potential client is considering which eCommerce platform to use. If a certain option can’t provide all the features you need, or if you are unable to customize appearance and processes, it is quite unlikely that such a solution will satisfy your needs. So, the customers will always pay special attention to this segment.

Here at Kooomo we have endeavoured to best balance all three segments and create a user experience that can not be matched by any of our competitors. Our UI is very easy to understand and use, our platform is extremely fast and responsive to commands and the customization options we provide both in terms of visual elements and in terms of the business processes are able to answer the needs of any customer on the globe.