Slam, the renowned brand loved by sailors, may have felt the effects of the Covid storm at the beginning of the pandemic – but they soon learned how to steady the ship. With an omnichannel marketing strategy geared towards new consumer buying habits, their online store grew by 20%. Corinne Noca, Slam eCommerce manager chats to ZeroGrey about adapting to uncharted waters – the “New Normal.”

Tell us briefly about yourself and your role in the Slam.

I have been in Slam since 2016 and I am in charge of the management and coordination of the online store. When I arrived at Slam, there was an institutional site and for some time there was a website that was not managed. In 2016, Slam decided to rely on a partner like ZeroGrey to achieve this goal and hired me to manage their online store in order to improve this aspect and oversee a development area like online sales.

How did Covid-19 affect sales of

 As often happens, every cloud has a silver lining. Leaving aside the human aspects, which are the most dramatic and which have influenced and continue to influence our daily commercial and business life; the lockdowns have led to an increase in online sales in general, not only of basic needs but also of secondary goods, such as clothing. The desire to return soon to normal (which is still far away) and therefore, stay at home have made online sales grow because we are all inside, willingly or not. Slam did not want to take advantage immediately of this fact: during the month of March in fact everything that was promotional, discounts and free shipments were stopped to avoid overloading the messengers dedicated to more urgent deliveries, medicines, masks, food… then in April we had to make the decision to try to take advantage of a sales channel that was in fact the only one open.

What kind of results have you experienced over the last few months?

We grew 20% online and continue to grow beyond our previous goals. We have certainly acted at a level of digital communication without being too insistent and investing in the benefits of products and services.

What marketing strategies, platform, operations and management do you think worked for

The decision to trust a third party and therefore trust an eCommerce provider like ZeroGrey was an appropriate and well thought out choice considering the fact that there was no department within Slam capable of building eCommerce management from scratch. ZeroGrey has always supported us by meeting the needs of the company and today it is certainly more than a supplier, it is a partner that we can not do without. Obviously, to support this choice, the web marketing strategy and the correct use of content given by other Slam partners such as Meloria and TWOW make it possible to create the right blend. The goal, however, is to do more and not stop at achieving a goal.

How long have you been working with ZeroGrey and what services are they currently providing?

I have been working with ZeroGrey for 4 years since I joined Slam and currently, we use the Kooomo platform with product marketing, billing, customer support and store management service.

How do you think ZeroGrey and Kooomo have helped to succeed during this period?

Companies in the sector gain much experience by dealing with other companies in different business categories – meaning that there can always be a continuous comparison of what we do, but also about what others do. Both Kooomo and ZeroGrey have given us good advice on how to optimise sales and use the right tools available, always with a view to the future.

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