Camomilla Italia, the leading Italian fashion brand with over 200 stores in Italy has just gone omnichannel with the Kooomo platform! Now, customers have more options than ever to buy online, collect in-store, and accumulate points both online and offline through the brand’s loyalty programme – the ‘Lover Card’.

As a result, Camomilla Italia has truly accelerated their customer experience, as well as synchronised their inventory, making for a stronger online offering that sets them apart from their competitors.

Here’s how the project came together.

About Camomilla Italia:

Founded in 1974 and based in Naples, Camomilla Italia has developed a retail network of over 200 direct and franchise stores throughout the length and breadth of Italy. The brand specialises in contemporary ladieswear, as well as accessories, bags, and shoes, and ships from their online store to over 30 countries in Europe and beyond.

Getting Integrated:
The omnichannel project for Camomilla Italia was set out in two phases. Phase one was to integrate the brand’s loyalty programme into the online store, while phase two focused on the true omnichannel experience.

Camomilla Italia’s loyalty programme ‘The Lover Card’ is as dynamic as it is complex. This ensures that all promotions are regulated, and that specific promotions appear (or don’t appear) for individual users. Firstly, two separate price lists appear for all items in the eShop – one is a regular list price (for those who don’t have a ‘Lover Card’), and a discounted price for card holders. In order to enable this feature, two price lists had to be imported into the platform. This ensured that both prices appear for users on product pages – a strategic incentive by Camomilla Italia to encourage shoppers to join the loyalty programme.
As soon as a user signs up for a card, they get placed into a particular ‘cluster’. This way, each ‘cluster’ of users is categorised and imported through the Kooomo platform where rules determine who would be offered certain promotions. For instance, whenever a user’s birthday would fall, a special discount is always offered at checkout. Alternatively, if you’re a VIP customer, the promotions that trigger at checkout are different to those offered to non-VIP card holders.

Another element of phase one was to synchronise ‘Lover Card’ points so that users could have visibility over the number of points accumulated on their card. Now, customers can redeem points against purchases at checkout, as well as use against items they purchase in any of the brand’s physical store locations.
Finally, until early March Camomilla Italia was using UPS as their sole courier service. Through the Kooomo platform integration, GLS was brought on board as an alternative carrier for the brand. Now, customers have the option to choose ‘Cash on Delivery’ for orders placed through the online store.
Putting Omnichannel in Place:
Many brands implement an omnichannel strategy into their online business, but a true omnichannel experience is one where stock is readily available to collect within a couple of hours of placing the actual order. However, so many retailers are still using stock from their central warehouse and shipping it a couple of times a week to various store locations to fulfil click and collect orders.

Camomilla Italia wanted to offer their customers an omnichannel experience in every sense of the word. That meant synchronising stock from all warehouses as well as all retail stores. Camomilla Italia had an added layer of intricacy due to the fact that over half of their bricks and mortar stores are franchises. Therefore, the development team in Kooomo further developed the process of automatically importing and migrating all data from Camomilla’s ERP to the Kooomo platform to facilitate a full omnichannel offering.
The Finished Product:
As a result of this implementation, Camomilla Italia’s customers now have the ability to:

Check stock availability:

Shoppers can see the number of units that are available for items in any store in the entire Camomilla Italia network. Real-time synchronisation in the back end of the Kooomo platform means that stock is automatically replenished as orders are placed online, so inventory is always optimised.

Click and collect:

Within two hours of placing a click and collect order, shoppers will receive an email alert letting them know that they can collect their items in a nominated Camomilla Italia store, thanks to the synchronisation of all inventory in the back end of the Kooomo platform. Customers also now have the option to collect their online order at a particular access point (e.g. post office, convenience store) if they aren’t based near a Camomilla Italia location.

Order online, return in-store:

There are now more ways for users to return items, regardless of what way the purchase was made in the first place. Customers can order online and return in-store, buy in-store and return by post, or even make a purchase in-store through a POS system and have it delivered to a location of their choice.
Up and running

Phase one of the project was fully complete and live on the website by mid-March, just weeks after Camomilla Italia made the switch from Magento to Kooomo as their new eCommerce solution. The second phase of implementing omnichannel for the brand took a total of 10 weeks to complete from beginning to end, and just in time for one of their busiest sales periods in July.

Camomilla Italia has gone omnichannel – does your brand want to follow in their footsteps? Learn more about our omnichannel features or get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to chat with you about implementing click and collect into your eShop in record time!