The necessity for a digital presence has been developing for a long time - but the pandemic has fast-tracked that requirement for retailers by about 5 years. As we get closer to the busiest time of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should start preparing an SEO strategy in advance to boost organic traffic and sales for your online business.In this blog, we’re sharing advice for creating a successful Black Friday campaign.

How to understand Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Google Search Trends

  There is no doubt that most online stores will spend a lot of money on advertising their deals for the holiday season. We recommend getting organic traffic by promoting your eCommerce store to customers who are most likely to be spending during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

How do you do that?

By anticipating your potential customers through search queries on Google. If you want your online store on the first pages of the search results, you should start your campaign in advance.     Needless to say that you should implement search engine optimization tips.  To begin with, conduct keyword research and get as many backlinks to your website as possible.

How to create keyword research for Black Friday 

To get a position on Google SERP for high search volume keywords, you should target the following:
  • Keywords with a focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Your product keywords
  • Buzz keywords associated with the holiday season.

Bear in mind that when you create your keyword research, you should take into consideration the following tips:

Search Volume: The search volume will let you know the number of people searching for that keyword. We recommend you grab all your keyword data from Ahrefs.
Keyword Difficulty: This term refers to the difficulty of ranking for this keyword.
This is determined by how many different businesses rank for this keyword at the moment. The lower the score is, the easier it will be to rank for that keyword.
Search Engine Results Page details: This metric displays which links are performing best, which lets you know which types of content your audience is clicking on. This will help you understand how you should present your content to rank on Google SERP.
Online Competition: Verify which pages are ranking for that keyword, and how the content on that page is structured. You should check how many backlinks that website has. Therefore, you should adopt their strategy so that you rank in the same way as your competitors.

Create seasonal content

Seasonal content helps with the relevance of your keyword research and keeps your brand in people’s minds in the buying process. Videos, infographics and images are a good way to attract people´s attention either on your website and social media. 

Always have a Black Friday page 

We recommend having a page about Black Friday, which should be linked even when it´s not Black Friday. This page should not be added to the main navigation. Having a page live all year is that it builds authority and purpose for the right keywords. Nevertheless, the keywords with most searches for Black Friday topics are “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.
black friday keywords

Build a different page for Cyber Monday  

Even it seems like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are related, they are two different events. Since most Black Friday deals are online, many exclusive offers can be found in-store, compared to Cyber Monday, which is just online. If you are planning on scheduling two different promotions for both days, you should create pages for both of them. From the picture below, you can see that Cyber Monday gets a lot of search volume so you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to get all that traffic.
keyword volume


Link building is an element of search engine optimization and is mandatory for seasonal pages. To rank for similar Black Friday keywords, you will need to get links from other retailers, news publications and websites which display all deals to rank organically above your competitors.

Buying guides for Black Friday

Buying guides are posts that are very easy to be read and can display your Black Friday offers. For example, you should choose titles like “Top 10…”, “Black Friday wishlist”, because they are catchy to customers. Adding images will make your products more attractive.   If you wish to appear in other brands guides,  you should join Response Source or scour Twitter to be prepared to answer in case journalists are asking for suggestions for the Black Friday buying guides. 

What happens after Black Friday

You might be tempted to delete your page when your landing page has no more available deals or your products have been sold instantly... Well, don’t! Keep the Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages live and take away “Coming Soon” banners and products. Therefore, the Black Friday page should only have your long-tail keyword questions and answers. 


As we have detailed above, having a Black Friday SEO campaign is a must and its aim is to boost your sales and organic traffic. Having a good SEO agency is a plus but keep an eye on the Kooomo blog, to get an update from the SEO world.