Experience is everything for the digitally empowered customer and delivering online goods from factory to front door is an integral part of the sales experience.  Getting that delivery function right means frictionless online sales that will ultimately result in a solid, loyal customer base.  But what exactly is a good delivery experience?

A good delivery experience is contextual – it differs from individual to individual as well as the locale in which the delivery is taking place. The speed of delivery has become an evolving battleground for retailers, with a 28% increase in the UK from 2016-2018 on the number of next day delivery orders placed. However, even next day deliveries are becoming obsolete with more people now looking for same day delivery.

As a retailer, there are four key things that need to be done to ensure the customer experience is positive.

  • The most important thing is to not only review your data but analyse your data to find trends and exceptions.
  • Secondly, create direct and meaningful connections with customers offering consistent and trustworthy communication & tracking.
  • Thirdly where possible, automate and use AI and chatbots to deliver more speed efficiency and productivity. 
  • Lastly, carrier automation is key to operational efficiency.
Having different delivery options can make a huge difference at the level where people abandon their baskets during an online shopping experience. The key to securing a shopper that does not abandon their baskets are convenience, speed and price. Again, the context of the individual is important with every transaction, so having different delivery options to offer is key. Most online shoppers expect free delivery without a minimum spend, which puts pressure on delivery providers and can severely impact customer experience.

Failed deliveries are a large problem when choosing your delivery provider. The cost of getting a delivery wrong is detrimental, as a lost delivery can cost the company up to £150.

Not only can it cost money on-the-spot, but worse, it can cost future sales as the customer that is not having a successful experience with the company is more likely to choose a different provider next time. A company is only as good as their last delivery, so each delivery has to be perfect for a customer to continue using that company.

Experience is now everything for digitally empowered customers and the future of delivery relies upon successful customer experiences. Carriers have seen that providing an experience to the consumer is very important and have focused their energies on the creation of apps and brand recognition, amongst other things.

Author: Laura Roche, Marketing Coordinator, Scurri. Find out more about how Scurri connects commerce and optimises your online ordering, shipping and delivery to be simple, effective and adaptable to your needs. Check out their blog at www.scurri.com.