We’re back with another list of updates to the Kooomo platform! Have we mentioned that if you’re a Kooomo agency or technology partner, we’re more than happy to take your suggestions on board as to how we can make the platform better – all you need to do is fill out this 5-minute survey with any comments/feedback, and we’ll be in touch!

Here are the latest updates to the Kooomo platform…

Doofinder 1-Click Integration Now Available in Kooomo!

We’re thrilled to welcome another innovative technology provider to the Kooomo Partner Program – we’ve officially joined forces with Doofinder!

If you’re not already familiar with Doofinder, it’s an on-site search engine/service that provides users with the most relevant search results, with features such as:

  • Autocomplete
  • Custom results
  • Facets navigation
  • Boosting
  • Banners & promotions
  • Geo-located search
  • Synonyms
  • Multi-index search
Real-time statistics within Doofinder also make it easy for merchants to analyse searches and further optimise their store’s search engine.

And the great news for existing Doofinder customers is that the smart search engine is now fully integrated with the Kooomo platform!

Users can now integrate Doofinder with Kooomo through the Marketing > Choose Partner section of the platform (see screenshot below), enter their Doofinder account credentials, and you’re all set!

As Doofinder works with Google Feed, it means that styling your Google Feed is necessary before styling the plug-in itself. Users can assign 3 different types of templates for displaying search results, rendering them in different ways visually, depending on what style works best for their brand. Search can also be configured in whatever way the user wishes through the platform through a simple selection of values and filters.

If you’re not already a Doofinder customer and would like to find out more about integrating the technology into your online store, get in touch here.

Improved Checkout Process Layout

Our front-end development team have just released an updated layout for checkout pages in the Kooomo platform. Now, the layout of the shopping cart, confirm order and thank you pages are structured in a way that improves checkout flow, as well as makes the overall process more user-friendly.

Older HTML tables have been replaced by regular div elements, making it much easier for agencies to style the individual elements on the page as required.

Got a question about any of these updates to the platform? We’re happy to help! Contact us by clicking here and a member of the team will be in touch at a time that suits you for a chat!