Convenience is king; we can all agree on this. But is it enough? When it comes to eCommerce, there are several retailers taking their CX to the next level, and bringing about brand new expectations when it comes to convenience.

Here are 6 amazing examples of businesses using futuristic technology to wow their customers:

#1: The CoOp

In recent years, the Coop has striven to create a top-notch customer experience and hasn’t been afraid to try out new and exciting uses of technology to improve convenience, such as the “scan, shop and go” service, which allows consumers to scan and pay for in-store items on their smartphones, without having to queue.

Now, the grocery retailer has gone the extra mile, offering an exciting new delivery method. So, what makes it so different to every other brand delivering to consumers? Well, starting trials in Milton Keynes, the Coop is now using robots to deliver goods directly to the consumer’s desired location. The robots are charged overnight and at the beginning of the day, Coop staff place contents ordered online into the robots, which are then sent off to wherever the consumer would like them delivered. If that isn’t futuristic, what is?

#2: Sephora

Multi-channel retailer Sephora has been wowing its audiences with beautiful products for years, and now has 2,300 stores across 33 countries. In its New York store – its largest in the US – the brand offers interactive technology that allows shoppers to virtually try on makeup, and this is something that consumers can also experience on the brand’s website or app.

The virtual try before you buy service is a great way to improve customer experience, build trust and potentially upsell products, and allows Sephora to stay in tune with consumer habits.

#3: Ace & Tate

Optical brand Ace and Tate have blown the traditional approach to finding eyewear out of the water in the last year, thanks to its customer-centric approach to shopping. Similar to Sephora, the brand allows consumers to upload a photo of themselves and select the frames of their choice to virtually see what the glasses look like on them. All without having to go into a store or wait for a pair of glasses to be delivered.

The futuristic service shows online shoppers how the glasses look on their face from the front and sides, allowing them to make the best choice for themselves. Glasses can then be ordered online.

#4: Dominos

With mobile users on the up, the need to ensure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible is a huge requirement. Convenience has never been so important, and one company that has taken huge strides to create a customer-centric approach is Dominos.

The pizza company is now set to use geolocation technology in order to bring delivery to a whole new level. Customers can now get a pizza delivered, wherever, whenever. In a park with a group of friends and fancy a slice of your favourite Italian-style feast? No problemo. Once a pizza has been ordered, the customer is asked to turn on their location services, and outdoor hotspots such as parks and beaches are given as options so that the customer can locate themselves on the delivery map.

#5: Voucher Codes

Getting products or experiences at a great price is a huge factor in the way consumers shop, so the boom in voucher sites such as Wowcher and Groupon has been incredibly important in recent years. However, one voucher company that has gone one step further in creating the ultimate convenient experience is Voucher Codes.

Again, using geolocation technology, Voucher Codes allows users to find offers nearest to them at the click of a button. When a user taps ‘nearby location’, Voucher Codes unlocks relevant offers and voucher codes based on location proximity. This means minimal effort for the customer, but maximum rewards.

Geolocation technology looks set to cause a stir in a range of industries in the coming 12 months, thanks to its quick and easy offerings, so staying up to date with it is essential.

#6: Kohls

For some, the idea of implementing voice search technology is still too far in the future, but in order to truly provide a convenient service that keeps users coming back, it is proving to be an effective tool. With Amazon Alexa’s and Apple’s Siri now a huge part of the lives of many consumers, there has been a surge in innovative businesses taking advantage of the benefits voice search has to offer. One of these is retailer Kohls.

Last year, Kohl’s implemented voice search capabilities into its app, allowing shoppers to simply tap the magnifying glass button, and say what they are looking for – i.e.the name or type of product. Shoppers are then presented immediately with a list of products relevant to their search.

Not only does this mean a quick and convenient experience for the shopper, but having this futuristic technology gives businesses such as Kohl’s the edge over competitors.

So, the future of tech looks exciting, and at Loqate, we are currently working on an even bigger range of innovative products that will help your eCommerce retail business drive convenience, including voice search and one-click geolocation. Watch this space… 

Author: Matthew Furneaux, Global Commercial Director, Loqate