Another sprint in the can….another list of updates to the Kooomo platform that you need to know about!

Here’s what our development team have been busy working on over the past couple of weeks…

Amazon Pay Refunds

Thanks to further developments to the Kooomo integration with Amazon Pay, merchants can now refund orders as well as view full payment history within the orders section of the platform, so they don’t have to go to Amazon Pay to manage this.
QR Code Checkout
In other Amazon Pay news, Kooomo merchants can now implement QR code checkout for their customers, ensuring an express checkout journey through their mobile phones.

This will be of particular interest to merchants with a bricks and mortar presence, as it empowers them to inject a unique experience into their physical store offering. This is exactly what our client MotoGP did at their recent race weekend in Jerez. By showcasing interactive touchscreens at the event with a bespoke 15% promotion, visitors could interact with the touchscreens to add specific MotoGP merchandise to their shopping cart, and when the time came to checkout, a QR code would be generated and scanned to users’ mobile phones where they could complete the purchase securely, and without any additional friction.

A QR code-reading app isn’t required for most users to download either – scanners are directly built into iPhones and Samsung cameras to recognise the code and launch checkout quickly and easily for shoppers.

To find out more about enabling Amazon Pay in your online store, get in touch with us and a member of the team will walk you through all of the steps!