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How Retailers Can Successfully Expand into Online Marketplaces

Right now, a whopping 90% of all eCommerce transactions in China take place on marketplaces. What's more is that by 2020, more than 39% of digital sales will come from marketplaces. However, despite this staggering data, many brands still have a number of reservations about listing their products on the likes of eBay and Amazon. 'Will Amazon replace me?' 'What is the best marketplace for me to sell my products?' 'What products I should try to sell to the China market?'

In this webinar, Ciarán Bollard, CEO of Kooomo and Jim Baillie, founder and CEO of JetStream Online delve into all of the key considerations for expanding into online marketplaces - how brands can drive visitors to their own e-shops through experience, how to utilise eBay and Amazon as a stockpiling solution, and how you can start to open your business up to the Chinese market (without spending a fortune!)

Listen to the webinar below and get in touch if you have any questions about how your brand can benefit by using online marketplaces, we’re happy to help!