Kooomo Partners with Loqate, a GBG Solution, to Offer Industry Leading Verification Software

Kooomo customers can help speed up online shopping and increase revenue through simple partner integration with Loqate

DUBLIN, Ireland - Aug 15, 2018 - Kooomo, a leading European digital commerce partner, today announced its partnership with Loqate, a GBG solution, the world’s leading location intelligence data specialist. Through a simple integration, Kooomo’s next generation digital commerce platform will feature Loqate’s innovative and user-friendly verification tools to reduce errors and speed up address entry. This new functionality will be offered to Kooomo’s clients as part of its extensive partner ecosystem, with world-class technologies, which ensures businesses are scalable and future proofed for success.

“Our partnership with Loqate will enables our clients to accelerate their business growth,” said Ciaran Bollard, Kooomo CEO. “It’s innovative verification and auto-complete address functionality allows our clients to provide a smoother customer journey, which will result in increased conversions and revenue.”

Long checkout forms are a common problem, and often one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. However, Loqate (formerly known as PCA Predict) work with a range of international businesses including ASOS, Tesco and Reiss to improve user experience, increase online conversions and provide excellent data quality.

“Helping companies to succeed in eCommerce is a shared vision for Kooomo and Loqate,” said David Green, Managing Director, Loqate. “Aligning Kooomo’s dynamic eCommerce cloud platform with our agile verification technology will provide our shared customers with the power and scalability to reach every customer in the world while driving their businesses forward.”

Loqate’s checkout optimisation tools remove friction on web forms, making it quicker and easier for customers to auto-complete addresses while capturing valid email, mobile numbers and delivery addresses in real-time. Loqate supply location data for over 245 countries and territories via one API, providing a truly global platform.

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Join Kooomo, Loqate and IMRG for a webinar on Wednesday, August 22, at 2pm BST, on “how to fulfil your customer’s delivery expectations.

About Kooomo
Kooomo works with clients to maximise all digital sales channels globally by combining our expertise and next-generation platform in a proven and affordable digital commerce cloud solution. Built by eCommerce managers and named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Kooomo’s platform brings together every piece of the digital commerce puzzle. With a flexible revenue-share model, we’re all driven to succeed. Our extensive partner ecosystem, with world class technologies, ensures businesses are future proofed to keep up with the evolving digital commerce landscape.

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About Loqate - a GBG Company

Loqate, a GBG, solution, unifies five of the biggest customer location intelligence brands - PCA Predict, GBG Loqate, Everything Location, Addressy and GBG Matchcode360, to create the world’s most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With an easy to deploy product portfolio, Loqate helps to make the customer registration process smoother, faster and more accurate by capturing data in real-time, validating it and using it to pre-populate online forms.

Providing the single most reliable way for businesses to reach their customers, Loqate’s address verification solution will standardise, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 240 countries and territories, in 10,000 languages, helping every business in the world reach every customer in the world.

For more information, visit www.loqate.com