UX design is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce software. From time to time, UX design needs to improve, for both the end-users and the company, to fulfil the purposes of each eCommerce business. In today's blog, we will present the main updates of the Kooomo admin panel.

How is the Kooomo brand communicated to its users?

First of all, an important reason behind the new user interface is to be familiar to the Kooomo users. There is no doubt that familiarity with the Kooomo products is a mandatory aspect of the user interface because users can feel specific proximity to the brand. Kooomo´s colour palette, the font family and the whole aim are to embody the following message: “This is Kooomo. This is the way we look and this is one of our products''.

How do the new improvements enhance the overall User Experience?

All the improvements made in the Kooomo platform user interface are managed at the same time as the enhancements of the user experience. The modifications which were applied, provide support to the users in the main navigation and usage of the platform. The purpose of these improvements is to increase its overall usability, by providing a consistent, predictable and meaningful tool. Furthermore, this is a more pleasant experience for users and causes less friction, confusion and frustration.

Consistent, Predictable and Meaningful

These three words come into mind when speaking about building a successful User Interface. On one hand, consistency is the key attribute in portraying a serious image for the entire Kooomo admin panel. Users are more likely to notice a serious image for the whole panel,  by becoming aware of this aspect. Thanks to its consistency, the usability of the platform becomes predictable.
Last, but not least is the meaningful aspect, which shapes the idea that there is a logical reason behind every design decision. Layout, sizing and spacing decisions all have thought and reasoning behind them.

Treating the Admin Panel as a Tool

In UX design, the unique behaviour of the user interface is imperative. It is a working tool, and colours chosen are representative of the actions that are possible, they are signals to help guide us on the journey.

What changed

Main Navigation Elements 
The header, footer and sidebar have undergone various changes. In particular, the colour changed following those elements, and also the pixel-perfect alignment to ensure they gave the proper relevancy in each state of them. Therefore, the colours have been used to emphasise the various elements in different ways, according to their functions.


Kooomo has elevated our font family. Mostly, this is an indication of the fact that it is a Kooomo product.  A clear type scale was created, with the purpose to build a structure for all text in the admin panel. This enforced the idea of hierarchy and clean readability in the platform.

Buttons/ Dropdowns/ Tabs/Pills   

Significant changes were made to these elements, which are built-in Bootstrap 3 design systems. Having adapted the Kooomo global admin panel colour palette, we also worked with the saturation of the Bootstrap default colours. This kept with the consistency we are striving for throughout the admin panel.
Cards / Modals
We have changed to these elements so that we provide a more modern and updated user interface. The fixes can be seen in spacing, size and shape.

As an essential part of the admin panel, all the form elements have been refined and adapted to the new user interface. Input selects, checkboxes and radio buttons were modified, depending on the state found on the platform.

Fixes were made to the tables in terms of spacing, shape, hierarchy and colours. All the different table assortments have been considered to apply design solutions that would fit all modern requirements.

Adding the correct spacing to enhance readability

With the applied changes, we have improved readability by separating the main content from the global navigation elements. We have added 'air' to it and reinforced the visual hierarchy blocks information within.

Bringing consistency to table actions

By introducing UI consistency to all table actions, their UX is therefore elevated. Furthermore, the dropdown list format offers a more flexible way of adding or removing actions affecting a table row, without compromising the UX or the table’s layout in the future.

Applying consistent alignment to the main headings

The title always has to be the element with the most significant hierarchy, not only in size but also in its location. Occidental users read following an imaginary 'Z', from the top left to the bottom right. Therefore, all titles have been fixed and now remain at the top left corner of the page.

Elevating navigation in the platform

Previously, missing tabs, headings, and breadcrumbs made it harder for users to understand which Section/Panel of the platform they were in and how they could navigate between them. We have now fixed this confusion, by filling those gaps in a consistent way, thus making navigation easier and smoother.



Kooomo’s admin panel has advanced and upgraded in terms of layout, consistency and an overall better user experience. Our aim for 2022 is to continue to elevate and raise the bar to support our users with our sharper eCommerce platform. This is just the beginning, don’t hesitate, discover it on Wednesday 20th of July!