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How do I get set up on Marketplaces?

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How do I get set up on Marketplaces?
There are a couple of requirements that need to be met before you can start selling on Marketplaces through Kooomo: 1) Creation of a seller account on each marketplace you want to sell in. The account setting is specific for each marketplace and this operation must be processed outside Kooomo (i.e. definition of Ebay graphics, creation of a Paypal Account for Ebay, credit card and bank account setting on Amazon Seller Central, account verification process on Seller Central). 2) Connection of Ebay and Amazon accounts with Kooomo 3) Activation of Ebay and Amazon markets (i.e. Ebay IT, Ebay ES, Amazon DE, Amazon USA). 4) Creation of publication rules on Kooomo - Marketplaces You need to set up the category template, the description template, the stock template, the payment template and the price template which will allow you to create a multiple set of combinations of rules to apply to every single listings. Once these simple steps are followed, you will be ready to sell your products on Kooomo. For more information, contact us today!