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‘The Great Italian Wine’, as it’s called; Libiamo Wine is a high-quality product made by excellent and experienced producers. 

Libiamo's product range includes and high-value and vintage wines for special occasions: Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Amarone,  vintage wines from indigenous grapes: for expert customers who have tasted particular wines during a recent Italian trip. The story begins and ends with satisfaction and culture for all clients, whether they are apprentices or connoisseurs.

The Challenge

Libiamo Wines were utilising the Shopify platform, however as the business grew, they felt they outgrew it. The business wanted to expand and felt they had reached the limitations of Shopify.

Libiamo needed a multichannel and omnichannel solution for their eCommerce website to build on the growth they were already experiencing with the ability to manage multiple warehouses from one back end system. Finally, Libiamo needed a more flexible platform to bring their new website to life.
The Challenge

The Results

The Libiamo  eCommerce website had an amazing increase in almost 7 months, comparing the data range from May to November 2020 with the same from last year there was an increase of 398% transactions, 283% revenue, and 146% conversion rate. Moreover, from an organic point of view, there was an increase in sessions by 464%, 750% transactions and 396% revenue.

The website built on the Kooomo platform includes design customisation, internal search by tag, SEO personalization features, multichannel/omnichannel integration, multiple warehouse management and Amazon marketplace integration.
The Results


Increase in transactions

May-November 2020

283% revenue increase

283% revenue increase

YoY (2019-2020)


Increase in web sessions


The Future
As good wine matures with time, Libiamo Wines does the same. Libiamo Wines' long term objective is to become the reference point for customers seeking Italian wines or spirits. Libiamo Wines aims at creating an ever-growing base of Italian wine lovers and promoting the Italian culture of wine in the United Kingdom.
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