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How Magento Compares

Platform Costs 

Kooomo - The average cost for brands to implement Kooomo as their eCommerce solution provider is €20-50k. There are no hosting fees, no annual licensing costs, and Kooomo operates a revenue-sharing model that varies from 0.5% - 3%. A system integrator isn’t required to set up your online store, therefore businesses save on initial development costs, as well as fees associated with further developing and customising your e-Shop over time through an agency or a dedicated team of developers. All of this is managed in-house.

Magento - The initial investment cost to set up Magento as your eCommerce solution can range from €50k to upwards of €100k, depending on the size of your business, as well as how extensive functionality needs to be. Annual licensing fees are 24k +. Ongoing development costs for additional customisation or functionality must be managed through either an external agency or an in-house dedicated Magento development resource typically start at €80+ per hour.

Time to Market

Kooomo - The average migration timeline for Kooomo is approximately 1-3 months. This includes any development work that needs to be done as well as migration, customisation, and/or bespoke integrations.

Magento - Deployment time on the Magento platform is typically 6+ months, depending on the complexity of the project at hand. A full project may even take from 6-9 months from concept to implementation, as development time is heavily dependent on linking in-house systems, integrations, and customisations. 

Flexibility and Customisation

Kooomo - The Kooomo platform offers full-scale customisation and flexibility as integration with other systems is straightforward. Customised storefronts are possible from a design and UX perspective, and an ecosystem of over 200 partners allow retailers to integrate with third-party applications with little or no extra development work.

Magento - The Magento platform is highly customisable, so it's possible to create bespoke storefronts, as well as integrate with other systems. However, in order to do this, you need to have a specialist Magento developer to find, customise or create custom plugins for your site, either through an agency or as a full time resource in-house. 


Kooomo - The Kooomo platform supports all languages, VAT rates, and currencies. Marketplace integration is also built directly into the platform, with over 60 pure-play and category-driven marketplaces available for users to quickly and easily launch their products into new regions.

Magento - Integration with online marketplaces is possible using Magento community-based extensions, however, some development work is needed if you have specific business requirements that need a bespoke solution. Magento supports multiple languages, currencies, and VAT rates also.

Features & Functionality

Kooomo - Platform features range from omnichannel to product information management, to DOM and warehouse management, promotions and marketing, and so on. In addition to the core stack of features directly built into the platform, Kooomo's extensive partner network links retailers with industry aggregators across all functions means that users can manage every step of the eCommerce journey through one unified platform.

Magento - Features on the Magento platform include order management, checkout and shipping tools, SEO tools, marketing, and catalogue management. However, functionality around product information management often requires extra work from a third-party partner.

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