Shipping is Smooth Sailing with Kooomo

Shipping is Smooth Sailing with Kooomo

Is there a way to avoid these losses of customers and orders, and is there a way to serve every interested client in a timely manner? If you opt for Kooomo as your ecommerce platform, there are multiple ways to do this:

• Using multiple storage and shipping points to cover the various areas

• Using ship from store option and unification of online and offline stock

• Using multiple shipping methods to provide options for your customers

The Multi-warehousing option allows shipping from the point that is nearest to the customer’s location, and the benefits of this approach are evident. The ship from store option allows even the offline stock to be included in delivery options, and the multiple shipping methods allow the choice between the options with different shipping times.

These three ways provide a wide variety of options when serving a client, and shipping times are reduced to the minimum. Naturally, with this approach the shipping costs are also reduced. The client is able to pick from the various options and it allows any retailer to serve their clients in a way that is most comfortable for them.

There are customers who will put the shipping cost at the top of their demands, but there are also those who don’t mind paying a bit more if they are to get their items ordered fast. Having every single option at your disposal is definitely the best approach to business, as it allows you to serve every customer, regardless of their preferences.

When we add the centralised warehouse management to the entire system, it is clear that you will have every single option imaginable to meet the customer’s needs to the fullest. The end result will be the ultimate customer’s satisfaction, a business that is not only reputable but also profitable.

With worldwide warehouse and logistics partners, we can ensure all your shipping requirements are met. Contact us to find out more.


Posted by: Kooomo - 16 September 2016

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