It goes without saying that Coronavirus has changed shopping behaviour all around the world – with many physical retail locations temporarily shutting their doors.

Since the pandemic is still continuing for the time being, consumers want to make their time at home more enjoyable by buying in large quantities. When speaking about this tendency, some brands have shown a significant boost in search traffic, considered as being the second-largest authority of monthly eCommerce traffic.

In today’s blog post, we will focus on how to improve product information management through Product Detail Pages, being the main entry point to a site. We will provide you with the best advice in order for you to build a successful eCommerce website. 

We will cover the following topics: product recommendations, simple navigation that brings the user to the main category, value-added pop-ups on product detail pages, and wishlists. By optimizing these points, brands can connect their search traffic with the information that shoppers need and also increase the possibility of conversions.

Take a look at these tips that we propose to our customers in order to optimize item discovery,  item discovery through product information management,

Product recommendations on Product Detail Pages

Product recommendations are used in order to simplify the appearance of specific items for consumers on product detail pages. However, brands can determine how consumers browse while gaining recommendation experience. 

In fashion ,for example,  you will recognise recommended widgets such as ‘’Bought Together’’ or ‘’Similar To’’ are very popular.

Additionally, the recommendations from social platforms such as Pinterest, convince the users to navigate the website and discover the best product that fits their needs.

 Implement simple navigation 

From time to time, a consumer reaches a PDP through search and finds that the item doesn’t meet their original requirements or they wish to explore other products. Brands should build easy navigation that points back to the main category. 

Moreover, if a category banner is added on top of the product page, the user will easily be able to reach the category page that contains that particular product.

Keep focused while using value-adding popups on PDPs

It is no secret that as a customer while doing the shopping you can easily get distracted. As you are checking related items on mobile, IPad or desktop version. Since COVID-19 started, there are a lot of alerts on the Internet and it is more difficult to keep focused while you are browsing a website or wanting to buy something online.

As a brand, you should consider managing exit-intent popups, in order to diminish the possibility of bounce rate. You might ask yourself: what is an exit-intent pop-up?  This  is an overlay that is not showing a certain section of a website’s page. Frequently, the exit pop-ups can highlight specific promotions that a website has or essential updates regarding Coronavirus, like delivery time interval and working hours.
Grant the users the possibility of adding products in a wish list via Product Detail Pages

Most of the consumers are at this moment working from home or organizing their time post-lockdown. The best strategy to make customers return to a website is by giving them the chance of adding items to a wish list.

Creating wish lists and providing fast access to them means they can quickly add to their shopping cart for fast checkout.

Wishlists are also effective tools for getting new subscribers, which can be nurtured through different channels such as emails.

  By adding product recommendations on Product Detail Pages, retailers can convince the users by creating a better customer experience. Moreover, by providing easy navigation for the users back to the main category, users can easily find what they are searching for. To maintain user focus retailers need to add value-adding popups on PDPs. Allowing customers to add products in the wishlist, customers will come back to the websites they like and will continue buying.

To sum up, taking into consideration our tips, retailers can integrate the search traffic with the product information, that is essential for customers for their eCommerce journey, by improving the chances of conversions.