We’re back with another dose of updates fresh from our busy development team! This month our developers have been putting together new front end features that are set to generate more traction to your website and boost sales. We’ve also added a Magento 1 Migration guide to help you through the decision making process.


Customising URLS to make them more SEO friendly was no easy feat – but thanks to our developers we can now create search-friendly filters within particular categories.

But why does this matter?

Firstly, this will allow for more URLs for Google to index for you – making your product more searchable. It will also tell us more about what you’ll be seeing on the page. This can be done across all categories – size, colour, line etc in a multitude of different languages.


Our latest updates include a new Stripe Subscription Model which allows customers to place reoccurring orders. This is a great new feature on which we have done a lot of testing. UI has been improved allowing 2 different sets of prices depending on whether you’re ordering a subscription product or not.

You can now select a subscription plan and you will be billed as indicated – with all subscriptions available to be managed under “My Account”.

Migrate from Magento! We’ve added a new webpage with our migration guide.

Magento 1 EOL is approaching and businesses around the globe are facing a big decision – should they upgrade or migrate?

With a lot of questions, myths and uncertainty to tackle – we’ve created an outlet to shed some clarity on the subject! We’ve added a new page to our website looking at the three main choices that Magento 1.9 customers have, as well as why we believe making the move to Kooomo is the right one.

Simply visit the Migrate to Magento section under “Get Started” on our homepage. 
Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general? We’d be delighted to help! Get in touch with the team here!