It has been a month of consistent change – both inside and outside of Kooomo. Despite being removed from our desks, our team has been working together (albeit far apart) to produce a fresh batch of developments – making improvements to our selection of payment methods for retailers, collecting and utilising data for emails as well as added security features.

Provide instalment payments with Scalapay 

Scalapay is an innovative payment method that allows you to buy now and pay it in three convenient instalments of the same amount, without interest.

ScalaPay has the advantage of attracting customers who would not have bought immediately, resulting in more sales from existing customers and attracting new ones. We can now plug this into your site in the back end creating the opportunity to increase your conversion rate and average cart amount.

Synchronise your web store data for email marketing with Circulator

Circulator is a plugin that we can integrate into your site that allows you to harvest information, segment your audience, and reach out to them with personalised communications.

Circulator can synchronise the data obtained through the Kooomo platform that will allow you to segment your newsletter offering based on a range of different credentials. Create dynamic lists for any type of customer based on their properties and event history. Segments are updated in real-time, so you can feel confident that your emails will always go to the right customers.

Improved password security policy

Through the backend of your site, you may now configure set requirements pertaining to your users’ password security. This will allow you to dictate required password length, as well as strength in terms of required characters and numbers.  – this will protect users from hacks and allow you to maintain a standard of protected information.

Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  We’d be delighted to help – Simply get in touch with the team here.