Motivi is one of the most prominent Italian fashion brands with physical stores across the globe and with an impeccable reputation amongst millions of their loyal customers. This brand is renowned amongst the fashion industry for its creativity, quality, and innovation.

We at Kooomo are proud to announce that Motivi has just launched their new Omnichannel store with us!.

The new e-shop is very appealing to the eye, fast to respond, and perfectly organized, allowing each customer to browse it smoothly, and with pleasure. A number of new omnichannel based features are at your disposal, as we approached the Motivi sales network in a way that allows almost any imaginable operation. Besides the standard online shopping options, there are also options of buying in physical stores with delivery to your home address, and buying online with the delivery to the nearest physical shop.
The website also provides detailed information about the network of physical shops, and it requires minimal effort to find the nearest outlet through integrated shop locator. The initial search is set automatically, as the website can identify your location and give you the automatic answer about the nearest sales point, but you can also define the parameters manually and get the info on store location anywhere in the world.

Also, the new Motivi website provides you with the sizes guide. This is a section where you can easily determine the size of the items you are interested in, and avoid any potential problem with this issue.

There is also a fashion editorial section where you can get all the info on the collections available, their background, and latest fashion trends.

As for the payment and shipping methods, you will be pleased to know that all the major options are included and that you can get the item you want delivered to almost any spot on the globe.

The e-shop features fully adaptive design, which means that it can be displayed on any device, and with any screen resolution. This is the next quality step in web design, as it does not rely on any predefined parameters.

Finally, the new shop offers various custom promotions and a loyalty program that allows regular customers to get rewarded for their loyalty through various gifts and discounts.

All in all, the new Motivi online shop is a state of the art sales option that will engage and intrigue any man or woman who is into high fashion apparel.

Want to find out how you can replicate Motivi’s success? Get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help!