Choosing a digital commerce platform is easy. Choosing the right digital commerce platform for your business…well, that’s a different kettle of fish entirely.

Ok, we lied. Choosing an eCommerce platform is never actually easy – whether you’re a SMB or an Enterprise organisation, there’s so much riding on getting the balance right between a platform that you won’t outgrow as your business scales, and one that requires colossal investment but doesn’t yield ROI because you’re ‘not quite there yet’.

Enter Kooomo. Here are 5 reasons why more merchants are choosing the Kooomo digital commerce platform to power their online business.

#1: Scalability

It’s no secret that implementing a global expansion is challenging for any merchant, no matter how big or small they may be. For starters, you need to consider how logistics will work. And localisation. And customer support. Not to mention the legalities involved!

The Kooomo platform has been designed for scaling businesses, so there’s no need to bolster on extra features as sales increase and customer needs change over time.  Rather than having to build multiple storefronts, the platform is geolocalized in all languages, and it supports a wide range of international currencies, as well as their corresponding tax rates. From a consumer perspective, IP addresses are recognised and customers are directed to the correct language and currency site automatically.

Kooomo is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, spun out of nearly 2 decades of eCommerce expertise through Zerogrey, a managed service digital commerce agency based in Italy. Cross-border trading is in our DNA, and we understand the complexity involved in dealing with multiple VAT rates and legalities. Selling your products in 44 countries across Europe might seem impossible to a merchant, but with Kooomo, it’s easily achievable.

#2: Speed

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest eCommerce solution for merchants, whether it’s launching their online store for the first time, or migrating from a different platform. The average time to market with Kooomo is 90 days.

What’s even more important than getting an e-shop up and running is making sure it stays that way. Kooomo clients maintain 99.9% uptime, with 100% uptime recorded across the board for Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend 2018. The platform is also consistently updated every 3 weeks with new releases to ensure that clients as well as partners have access to the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

#3: Affordability

The cost of implementing a digital commerce solution for your business is, without question, a spectrum. Depending on the platform you choose, you may have to consider set up costs, system integration fees, licensing costs, as well as the additional price of integrating applications into your online store.

Whereas, average set up costs with Kooomo are €30k. As the platform is cloud-based, there are no hosting fees. Our flexible revenue share model is up to 3% based on client turnover, meaning no annual licensing costs for merchants, and as there is a full in-house team of developers, there’s no need for a system integrator or ongoing development costs for your online store.
#4: Functionality
Kooomo has a full stack of technology built directly into the platform (including automated order management, marketplaces connector with Amazon and eBay, B2B features, Google Shopping, and more).

There’s so much complexity for retailers to deal with in managing product catalogues across multiple sales channels and warehouses. Not only can you bulk upload your entire product catalogue into the Kooomo platform, you can also easily add new products to your e-shop as soon as inventory is ready to launch. Through powerful functionality, merchants can offer customers an unrivalled user experience with detailed, visual product pages, as well as customisable categories. Existing Warehouse Management Systems can easily be integrated with the Kooomo platform, without the risk of losing any valuable data.

Another huge challenge for businesses is not being able to offer an omnichannel experience to customers, due to limitations with stock management. With Kooomo, all warehouse stock, as well as inventory in a physical store, can also be synchronised, regardless of location, enabling shoppers to click and collect their orders, have more returns options, and experience a seamless customer journey.

On top of this, Kooomo has an ecosystem of world leading technology that spans across many different verticals. From payment gateways to fulfillment solutions, there’s a range of ‘one click applications’ that can seamlessly be activated by retailers using our platform.
#5: Expertise
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that succeeding in eCommerce simply isn’t an A to B-type of journey. The landscape is constantly changing, customer expectations are growing, and merchants have to make sure that they are two steps ahead in order to compete (all the while managing their day-to-day business!)

Every Kooomo customer has a dedicated account manager, as well as access to in-house added-value services – for example, SEO, store management, strategic consultancy, and more. We truly believe that technology is only as powerful as the people who are driving it, so we work hand in hand with our customers to make sure that their individual business goals are being met, because your success is ultimately our success too.

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