Kooomo's Got You Covered

Kooomo's Got You Covered

The type of resources invested in any business endeavour can often be a determining factor between failure and success. It is therefore paramount to find the correct combination of value and price that will lead you to a profitable e-shop solution.

You always need to remember that the quality of your customer’s online shopping experience will determine whether they come back for more or not. This means that you need to meet all their needs and to make the transaction as swift and seamless as possible. In order to create an eshop that will provide everything an average customer wants, you need to avail of an online shopping solution that covers all the aspects of the ecommerce journey

Kooomo offers their team to cover everything from eshop setup, to constant maintenance, updates that are carried out in-house, without any need of engaging additional workforce from your part.

Hosting an e-shop also requires a whole team of people engaged in this issue. That draws additional funds and can cause a lot of complications. Of course, you can always opt for any decent hosting provider in order to decrease expenses. Still, it is important to know that hosting is a rather tricky investment. Most providers limit your traffic and bandwidth to a certain extent so you can easily end up with insufficient resources.

The SaaS concept deals with this issue pretty easily, as the hosting is a part of the service package. Everything is on our servers so you don’t have to worry about the resources at all. It is our job to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and that your e-shop is always up and running. The security issues, maintenance, and backup are all under our control, so you are completely free to focus on your products and the ways to market them.

So, the service Kooomo provides includes everything, from hosting, via e-shop creation, to maintenance, updates, and security. Now, you might wonder how much would it cost?.

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Posted by: Kooomo - 15 July 2016

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