If you knew it was going to be so complicated, you might never have got started. In a worldwide marketplace, it takes serious guts and some innovative thinking to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Along with those vying for your customers, each day brings a new pretender with some cutting-edge technology that promises to be the next ‘game-changer'. It’s easy to get distracted but it can pay off to keep up to speed with the new technologies that are reshaping the future of online selling.

It’s important to realise that some of these young upstarts are more agile, quicker, and let’s face it, better looking than what exists in the marketplace. They’re making noise because quite often, they deserve it. That’s why they like to call themselves annoying new-fangled tags like ‘disrupters’.

Don’t Discriminate, Integrate

By 2018, it is predicted that a successful eCommerce site will need to integrate with more than 15 vendors to deliver an acceptable customer experience. After all, why should you accept an inferior product for your CRM, ERP or SEO when there are vendors out there who have spent years dedicated to getting these specialised technologies right.

It’s pretty obvious that you can’t do all of this alone. The good news is, you don’t have to. Any successful eCommerce strategy will include the help of several external tools, from CRM, Distribution Order Management, Customer Service, Returns, CMS and many more. You might already have some apps that you use that you are happy with and which help you to run your business smoothly. The problem comes when you want them all to speak to each other or when you need to scale up your business.

Migration Headaches

With many digital commerce platforms, once you have decided to migrate you are faced with a dilemma. Either you give up your favourite existing software and start using unfamiliar software, or you begin the laborious task of integrating these technologies so that you can continue to work as you always have. It doesn’t have to be this way!

At Kooomo, you don’t have to choose. We offer one-click integrations with all of the biggest 3rd party vendors so you can migrate over with minimal disruption. Instead of a long lead time, you are faced with a migration that can happen quickly and with no added cost. This was one of the main reasons we were named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in 2017. In the next few weeks, we will put the spotlight on some of our integration partners, in the meantime, you can check out the list at the link below.