As we move into the final stretch of 2020, our team of developers continue to adapt our platform to changing consumer needs and ready the ship for the busiest shopping season of the year. With that in mind, our team has made some exciting additions to the Kooomo platform which will improve customer experience and make life that bit easier for busy merchants…

Now let’s dive into what’s new this month.

Infinite Scroll 

Our Product Category and Search page now support 4 types of pagination:
  • Infinite scroll
  • Load more
  • Pages 
  • Pager
Our team of developers made adjustments related to page numbers in URLs – this was working with some pagination types before, however, we improved how it works with infinite scroll and load more.
This update adds to the customer journey by allowing for a better flow between scrolling through and viewing products.

New Cookies Banner 

In compliance with new EU regulations on GDPR, we have updated settings for our Cookies Banner which will appear on the front end of all eShops. Consumers will have the choice to accept whole cookies or select, by category, which cookies they would like to apply or not apply. For example – only necessary, only advertising or only analytics. 
While the appearance on the front end is still being constructed, we have added a backend panel in the admin to manage cookies set by third parties. This will provide the information to the Cookie banner which will be presented to customers. 
Merchant themes will need an update to support this new banner, but it will provide greater clarity and flexibility for managing cookies.

Reset Password flow

Kooomo continues to tighten our security measures with a new flow for resetting passwords. Now, when your customers forget their login credentials and request a new one, an email is sent to them with a link to change their password straight away. 

Formerly, they would receive an email with a temporary password, however, our latest update ensures a more secure way to login, and improves CX by minimising steps in the process. This is the default for all new merchants and once the link is sent, it is valid for approximately 20 minutes.
Product Image Versioning 
As the shopping holiday season kicks in, we’re doing our utmost to ensure our clients’ eshops run as efficiently as possible. We have introduced new typology to ensure the correct images show on the front end of sites during product updates. 

For example, if you are updating an image to the latest version of the product, you can now edit the value to the given product to 1. This ensures the latest version of an image is showing, even if the file names are the same. 

This minimises the margin for error when updating stock images or content on your website.

Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  We’d be delighted to help – Simply get in touch with the team here.