How to Gain Customer Loyalty Online

How to Gain Customer Loyalty Online

So, is it possible at all to create customer loyalty when the internet is full of offers and everyone is competing to get the upper hand? The simple answer is yes, and we’re going to outline how.

The age-old motto “The customer is always right” also applies to the ecommerce world, and this means that the customer should always have an option of communicating to your business and leaving feedback. In more detail – this means that you have to use an e commerce platform that will allow communication on several levels, and including every possible sphere of your business.

The second rule is even simpler. The modern customers need to be engaged. It is not enough just to offer them a great product at great prices. They need to be engaged, so your ecommerce software needs to be powerful enough to provide the option of integrating advertisements and promotional videos. Also, a platform that allows editorials and blogging will be more than helpful in tasks of engaging your audience.

Finally, customer loyalty heavily depends on your rewards system. Simply put – they expect their loyalty to be acknowledged, and the best way to do this is via discounts and other benefits. In order to localize these rewards only to the really loyal clientele, your e commerce platform needs to include the voucher and promotional code systems. In this way, your customers are not only able to buy certain items on discounted prices, but they also have an option of introducing your brand to their personal contacts. It is not a rare occurrence that these promo codes and special vouchers are exchanged with friends and family, and in this way your brand gets free exposure.

Kooomo is capable of providing all the mentioned options on several levels and in various ways. You can get the fully customised loyalty program when using our ecommerce platform and that will give the results you are aiming for.

Ready to start building your customer loyalty? If you are interested in the future of customer engagement, get in touch.


Posted by: Kooomo - 11 November 2016

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