Did you know that the Kooomo digital commerce platform is updated every 3 weeks? That’s right, our in-house team of developers are constantly releasing new updates to the platform to ensure that our clients, not to mention partners have access to the most cutting edge technology on the market.

So, without further ado, welcome to your February helping of Kooomo platform updates!

Gift Card Invoicing

We’ve added functionality to the platform to ensure more accurate account reconciliation around gift card purchases. Now, businesses have more visibility over gift card purchases versus gift card usage. What this means is that instead of an invoice being generated as soon as any customer purchases a gift card, the Kooomo platform generates a receipt instead.  Invoicing only takes place when a gift card is redeemed, rather than at the time of purchase.

Users will also have access to more data that is specific to gift card activity through the admin panel within the platform. This data provides richer reporting capabilities that businesses can use to further optimise their gift card offering.


E-invoicing compliance requirements have been increasing steadily across the EU in recent years. Electronic invoicing became obligatory for businesses operating in Italy from January 1st 2019. By April of this year, all public sector entities in Europe will need to follow suit. We’ve responded to these directives by introducing E-Invoicing as standard within the Kooomo platform. Now, users can quickly and easily provide all invoicing details to their corresponding national schema (e.g. PEPPOL) through a CSV file upload.

Not only does this make all invoicing more transparent and compliant to EU standards, it also yields significant costs savings for businesses (printing, data entry into ERP systems, storage, etc).

Partner Dashboards

Agency Partners can now create their own development stores directly within the Partner dashboard in the Kooomo platform. In just a couple of clicks, agencies can now create a demo account, which enables them to:

Familiarise themselves with the features and functionality within the Kooomo platform
Showcase their unique style and design practices
Provide training to employees and developers
Build out proof of concept for sales opportunities and pitches
If you’d like to set up your own partner dashboard, just contact our dedicated partnership team at partners@kooomo.com