In today’s competitive marketplace, with many options on offer, comparing eCommerce platforms is very challenging – until you discover Kooomo. Every business has different requirements and will need to consider many technical aspects – especially if one’s goal is the implementation of Omnichannel solutions or Click & Collect. Kooomo allows you to find the balance scalability, affordability, and functionality.

Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Kooomo says: “For a lot of businesses, online is an extension to bricks and mortar and if this is the case for you, you need to ensure unification and that all the information speaks to each other internally to make sure the user experience is as good as can be. Kooomo provides key features such as hardware and connectivity specifications, capability, development potential, integrations, maintenance & reliability, multichannel and omnichannel capabilities and pricing that is the best available on the market.”

With this in mind, we have outlined the following key areas that businesses – whether a small business start-up or a medium to large business looking to scale – must consider when choosing their eCommerce supplier and why Kooomo is a front runner for choice.

Development ability

It’s key to not only think about the requirements you have for your platform today but what you’ll likely require in the future too. With this in mind, the Kooomo platform offers out-of-the-box features that are easily manageable through back-end development. As a platform provider, we have the ability to mould around the needs of small businesses as they grow and turn into larger businesses – thus is the objective with Kooomo. We can create customised developments too via our IT teams, so support throughout scalability is always available.

eCommerce integrations

Interoperability is key in any business today, and especially in retail, customers want to be able to shop in the way they are used to and prefer, using integrated partners. Kooomo provides best-in-class technologies across sales, marketing, project management, payment gateways, and courier companies. Retailers can integrate with our eco-system of partners, providing the rich features essential for competitive eCommerce business via fast API connectors that can be turned on from the backend. Our platform also eases the process of trade between different countries – different countries are used to different operations and what is the norm in the UK could be alien to customers in Germany. The Kooomo platform specialises in globalisation and breaking down geo-blocking obstacles, which massively help your business expand globally. 

Our agency partners develop beautiful online stores and user experiences that help businesses attract, win, and keep more customers. Technology partners offer the most innovative software across all areas of eCommerce including personalisation, AI, marketing, automation, and more – all of which are already integrated within the Kooomo platform.

Maintenance and reliability

It goes without saying that any form of downtime is detrimental to eCommerce businesses. Software as a service platforms provide the possibility of updating software on their own and all updates are bestowed to all eCommerce clients so that there are no problems with different versions. The Kooomo platform is updated every few weeks, but given that it is built on cloud technology, there is little to no downtime and therefore no disruption to your sales. 

As your business grows and scales there is no need for investment in hardware or software infrastructure – diminishing maintenance costs. It keeps data secure, backed up, and easily accessible which in this day and age is vital to sustainability and business growth in a rapidly changing environment.
Multichannel capabilities and omnichannel integrations
Different suppliers offer very different options with regards to multichannel capabilities and omnichannel integrations. Through Kooomo’s technology partners, you have assured connections to marketplaces which reduces costs and grants your business access to a more competitive solution for broadening successful marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

In addition, as omnichannel service becomes more important to consumers and therefore to eCommerce businesses, Kooomo provides you with a full omnichannel integration at its core. For example, you may want to integrate physical stores, marketplaces, and online stores into a unique organisation managed from a single place. We offer this integration of complex systems into one single platform/place to be managed very easily.
Possibly one of the most reputable features of Kooomo is our ability to offer the very best platform solution with a cost-saving strategy in mind – from initial setup to the continued fixed rates or revenue share. We know that cost will always play an important part in your decision that’s why we have implemented a revenue share model for example, which means you can rest assured that we are directly invested in your success.
As eCommerce continues to grow in demand, we are consistently exploring ways to expand the functionalities of our platforms – making it more flexible, more affordable and more accessible, we are even gearing up to introduce an entry-level version with Kooomo Lite. 

Right now, our scalable solution is created for large businesses looking to sell cross border, implement a click & collect solution or perhaps diversify its sales channels and mitigate future risk by ensuring a presence in as many places as possible. If you’re looking to bring your store online, or perhaps, relinquish certain pain points in your current platform, then talk to our support and commercial team today. We can assist you with further information and provide you with a price model that will be suitable for you and your business – so why not request a consultation.