We’re back with another list of updates to the Kooomo platform! Our team of developers are continuing to diversify the payment methods we offer, update our marketplace connectors and roll out some new features for our clients to ensure they can continue to thrive during these ever-changing times… So let’s take a look at what’s new this month.

Diversifying Payment Methods

Bank Transfers with Stripe 

Stripe is not a new payment processor to the Kooomo platform, however, it is now possible for merchants to offer bank transfer as a payment method through this vendor. This is available to countries with EU currency only, and Bank Transfer is known to be most popular in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. 

Offering Bank transfer via Stripe allows for safe and secure international transactions, benefiting both merchant and consumer. Customers don’t have to worry about security as they don’t need to disclose any financial details when making the payment. This improved sales conversions as consumers can now focus on what they are buying rather than the security of their credit card details. For merchants, Stripe notifies Kooomo as soon as the money is received and can be processed accordingly. This improves automation and warehouse synchronisation.

Marketplace Connector Updates 

Yocabé – Shipment status updates

Yocabè is the first Italian solution that helps companies to engage with clients who regularly buy on marketplaces. All over the world, Yocabè is the online distribution partner for fashion products, thanks to its international network of online shops. We recently implemented it into the Kooomo platform and have spent the last few weeks ironing out any creases – in particular, we have made improvements in sending documents to warehouses for improved flow for automated processes such as labelling etc. We update the statuses in Yocabé, so that they can update the statuses in the different marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Tesco and others.
Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  We’d be delighted to help – Simply get in touch with the team here.