We’re back with another list of updates to the Kooomo platform! Our team of developers are continuing to build on Kooomo API’s, website security and marketplaces to ensure merchants can continue to thrive during ever-changing times… So let’s take a look at what’s new this month.

1.Kooomo API Applications (Kooomo Core) 

Our team of developers are continuously creating API’s in order to improve our platform and the services we offer. This essentially makes the platform perform better and the more we have means more information can be carried about the users needs to the system and in turn, find what they need.

On the Kooomo platform, we can now create API credentials to build applications that work immediately and can be installed easily with one click. 

This would allow you to build an application that is totally developed by another person/team and it will automatically work with your products/ orders using Kooomo API. 

For example, if you wished to implement the Pick and Pack app, you simply select it from the apps menu and authorise access to your store – at the ease of a click you have now added this service to your website! 

This new addition increases the flexibility of the platform so that if a functionality is missing, or if a merchant or agency wants to bring on a particular functionality, it can be developed by external teams and then available on the platform to any merchants who might want it.

2. Category Meta tags through SEO import

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content. The meta tag doesn’t appear on the page itself, but only in the page’s source code. Meta tags are essentially little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about. 

We have been asked to be able to update the category meta tag descriptions – these can now be changed depending on the language in which the site is displayed. 

This allows merchants to add meta descriptions in bulk to categories. They can add descriptions for categories in specific languages. The meta descriptions are used by search engines – having good meta descriptions helps your SEO, raising the click-through rate of your organic search engine results. Therefore, more people who see your page in the search results will actually click through and land on your site – increasing traffic for you, even if your ranking stays the same on the result page.
3. Increased Smarty Security.

On the Kooomo front end, we have a technology called Smarty that allows us to grab items, for example, on the product page, such as the product details which are passed down from back end language called PHP. This is then used to generate what you see on the front end. 

Using smarty, our front-end developers are able to do a certain amount of work in PHP code which ensures any work done here is safe and secure, restricting some access that we have. This ensures that front end developers (from Kooomo and agency partners) only have access to the PHP functionality that they need – this allows changes to be made safely to your site without the need for downtime.

4. Lengow Integration

Lengow is an essential connector for marketplaces that allow e-traders to develop the visibility and profitability of their product ranges. This can now be integrated at the request of any merchant, quickly formatting to their product feed. It makes the merchant’s life easier by:

  • Adapting to the requirements of various marketplaces (Amazon, Cdiscount, Wish, eBay etc). 
  • Easily organising your catalogue (prices, titles, descriptions etc) 
  • Enriching product sheets to boost sales.
In addition to this, Lengow can follow the sales trends in each marketplace and analyse the profitability by-product with a unique performance dashboard. Lengow publishes products in different marketplaces, and now, in Kooomo, we can also read the orders created from the customers, create the orders and send the information to the warehouses so the products can be shipped. Allowing for a synchronised omnichannel process.

Want to find out more about any of these specific platform updates, or about the Kooomo platform in general?  We’d be delighted to help – Simply get in touch with the team here.