There are two major approaches to creating a successful story, and these two approaches rely on completely different techniques. The first option is oriented towards SEO and everything that follows it, while the second approach is more oriented towards creating a strong brand that will inspire customer loyalty.

Naturally, the best retail traders will strive to carry out a solid campaign on both fronts and combine the benefits of both approaches.

So, what are the 5 most important things for a successful ecommerce project? The answer is rather simple and includes the best of both worlds:

  • Reaching high competitiveness with major niche related keywords
  • Focusing on keywords that will generate high conversion rates
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Creating a perfect buying experience environment
  • Adaptability to various platforms
There is not much need to talk about values of a proper SEO. Identifying the keywords that are most relevant for your preferred niche and ranking them will provide visibility on the internet and will result in rapid creation of your brand awareness.

There are some KWS which have lower number of monthly visits, but convert extremely well. Pinpointing these KWS and investing effort in their ranking is extremely important as the visits from that direction will mostly end up with successful sales.

Customer loyalty programmes are something that will bring people back to your eshop again and again. There are various options to devise the best ways to transform your one time clients to regular customers.

Buying experience is also a thing to pay attention to. In order to be successful, your ecommerce website has to be easy to browse, it has to be very pleasing to the eye, and it has to respond fast. Setbacks in any of these segments will surely result in some disgruntled clients who will be more than ready to look elsewhere. Also this is a segment that requires constant improvements, as the new trends and new techniques evolve on almost a daily basis.

Finally, the adaptability to various platforms is a must. Not only because it directly influences your ranking, but adaptability to various platforms directly influences the sales. Simply, if a customer can’t use his iPad or Android device to buy your goods, he will most likely turn to other websites.

All these features create a story of success for any retail trader who invests enough effort in it. All these features are easier to achieve if you use Kooomo as your ecommerce platform.

To learn more about how you can create your own success story, talk to the Kooomo team today!