Increase Your Brand Awareness with Kooomo’s Marketing Tools

 Increase Your Brand Awareness with Kooomo’s Marketing Tools

There are several methods to increase your exposure to the new market and Kooomo provides them all:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • PPC campaigns
  • Custom promotions
  • Customer loyalty programs

SEO is one of the most important ways to get exposure in the online shopping business. Naturally, in order to optimize your sales points, you need experienced digital marketers, and a tool to carry out these operations. Your chosen ecommerce platform has to possess a CMS, and a SEO optimization tool. Kooomo is a great example of an ideal platform, as it has its own CMS, and the SEO roots deep into the system, providing the best possible results with minimum resources used.

Social media allows for easy access to hundreds of millions of customers. Naturally, the platform needs to be able to publish and sell via social media and only the best options on the market are capable to carry this operation out.

PPC campaigns are always rather effective in the initial stages of branding operations on new markets. Naturally, the ecommerce platform you opt for needs to have the potential of controlling these PPC campaigns and providing valid and reliable feedback on their effectiveness.

Custom promotions are also very effective in attracting new customers. During the marketing campaigns built around promotions, brands can easily establish a new customer base and become increasingly exposed to new markets. So, the option you decide to use needs to be able to provide customized promotions on a level you require.

Finally, the customers who came in contact with your brand need to be engaged in order to increase their loyalty and turn them into regular customers. This is usually done through customer loyalty programs. Various discounts and other benefits can be employed to keep them interested and engaged, but this can be done only if your e commerce solution is powerful enough to provide all the tools to carry out these campaigns.

Kooomo can cover each and every step of this road with the best ecommerce solution there is. Our platform easily copes with all the requirements that can be set for global and local branding campaigns, with minimal requirements in terms of your engagement thanks to our collaborative business approach. We can deliver the tools, and we can help you connect with the experts in each and every corner of the world, giving you the maximum chance to succeed.

Find out how you can increase your brand awareness with our integrated marketing tools.


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Posted by: Kooomo - 10 March 2017

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