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Our Partners
A fully open architecture allows partners to bind to our API's at all levels creating the best collaborative ecommerce environment in the world.


Digital commerce is a revolution which not only enhances the availability of products, but also breaks up every axiom of traditional commerce. Products can be reached in one click, with the strength of communication provided by price and image.

Shops placed in the most elegant streets of capital cities shut down and migrate to online stores, or they turn into showrooms to satisfy consumers’ requests for more information about products.

Furthermore, it is no longer possible to act only in the national market: brands need to attack every available space, as the key to success today, is controlling the distribution of products.

In Kooomo we understood that this is a challenge for a broader and broader group of professionals, who help support strategic decisions regarding company choices. Kooomo supports its strategic partners, providing them with macro-trends, statistics and best practices which can help define the right path to the brand’s own success, and we support this with cloud based technology with a strong stable core, which is easily accessed by our partners through open API's.

Our system is based on the idea of matching demand from companies and an offer of consultancy, professional advice, and skills. The Kooomo eCommerce platform and integration with Companies are at the core of growing relationships, experimenting and training which are unparalleled with any other service provider in this industry.