The Omnichannel Orchestra

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Howard Hunt

Howard Hunt
Marketing at Kooomo

The Omnichannel Orchestra
How you can get your business hitting all the right notes.

I’ve been trying to think of a decent analogy for omnichannel. Imagine for a second, a Philharmonic Orchestra... (Wait! Come back! Stick with me here!)

Within the Philharmonic, or any orchestra for that matter, you’ve got different sections, (strings, brass, woodwind and percussion) all with an essential role. Separately, each section can play and sound beautiful but if they are not in-sync with each other, your night at the opera will quickly become a royal mess and you won’t make it to the interval.

When a conductor takes control they bring all the strands together to tell the composer’s story. The sections will not be playing the same notes but they will all be reading off the same page, complimenting one another and working in harmony. Replace musical instruments with retail channels - and you’ve got omnichannel.

So you’re a retailer with brick-and-mortar stores, a well-designed website, an email newsletter list, third-party sellers and engaging social media campaigns. For an omnichannel strategy to be effective they all need to sing off the same hymn sheet.

As the lines between online and offline continue to blur, it’s really important to give your customers a seamless shopping experience – so that wherever your customers like to buy, your brand stays in harmony.

Find out how your business can start hitting all the right omnichannel notes