About Kooomo

About Kooomo

Proven Expertise + Next-Generation Technology

Since the year 2000, we've been delivering successful digital commerce solutions to our customers around the world. Kooomo was spun out of our sister company, Zerogrey, a managed service digital commerce agency.

Through their expertise, Zerogrey’s eCommerce managers built a platform that would seamlessly connect all sales channels, helping them to manage online stores, while maximising sales at the same time.

As a result, Kooomo became a separate company in 2015, has powered over 1 billion transactions through the platform, and been recognised by Gartner every year since then. We continue to work with world-renowned businesses to increase revenue by an average of 20%.

Board of Directors
Giovanni Meda

Founder & CSO, Kooomo

Ciaran Bollard

CEO, Kooomo

Ronan Harris

Vice President & MD UK & Ireland, Google - Board Advisor

Fabio Bariletti

Entrepreneur & Investor

Our International Team
Dermot Keating

Head of Finance

Stephen Carney

Head of Commercial & Partnerships, UK & Ireland

Daniel Viniegra

Head of Growth, Spain/ France

Anastasia Sfregola

Head of Growth, Italy

Jennifer Puzzo

Head of Client Services, Italy

James Foran

Head of Client Services

Sebastian Gonzalez

Head of Software Development

Jason Fagan

Digital Marketing Manager

Michelle McSweeney

Content Marketing Manager


Head of social

How do you pronounce 'Kooomo' anyway?

Our Values


We respect each other. We believe that everyone's time is equally valuable, and that we all need to work together to achieve our goals.

Go the extra mile

Go the extra mile

Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. That's why we strive to always surpass expectations.

Doing it right

Doing it right

'Do it right or do it twice'. We don’t do quick fixes. We focus on getting the job done right.



We pride ourselves on having a team that is multicultural. We believe that different perspectives are key to growth, productivity, and innovation.



Kooomo digital commerce platform was founded because of a passion to simplify digital commerce . We approach our work with the same fire in our bellies.



We're not just an ecommerce solutions company. In Kooomo, everyone has a voice that they are encouraged to use. All opinions matter.

Life at Kooomo

Work shouldn’t be about counting down the minutes ‘til the weekend. At Kooomo, we believe in working hard to provide our customers the best digital commerce solution, but there’s nothing to say you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it!

The team works on flexible schedules in our Dublin city centre-based office. Lunch is provided every day, and on Fridays, we finish up at 4:30pm. Office-games and social events are always on the agenda!

But there’s more to Kooomo than perks! We’re a close-knit, diverse team working in a collaborative environment where no-one is confined to a box (boxes are for packages, not people!). Your potential to grow and develop is limitless.

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