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Common questions
How do I add content to my store?
I would like my store to be integrated with social networks, is it possible with Kooomo?
Do I need to worry about hardware and maintenance costs?
I use a specific Content Management System (CMS), can Kooomo integrate with it?
Does Kooomo provide B2B functionalities?
How do I get set up on the eKosystem as a Kooomo partner?
How do I get set up on Marketplaces?
How can I create listings on eBay and Amazon?
How do I get my products live?
Does Kooomo provide reporting and analytic functionalities?
Can I manage invoicing and credit notes with Kooomo?
How much does Kooomo cost?
How am I billed?
I want to use my own Warehouse Management System (WMS)- can Kooomo integrate with it?
Can my customers create Wish Lists with their favourite products through Kooomo?
Can I use multiple warehouses with Kooomo?
Is Kooomo SEO friendly?
Can I integrate my Customer Loyalty Card?
Does Kooomo support multibyte languages?
How can I integrate with Partners, and is it easy to switch from one to another?
Does Kooomo support Multi-Vat?
What marketing promotions can I run from the Kooomo platform?
Does Kooomo provide a return process?
How do I design my store?
How do I set up VAT, currency and multiple languages?
Do I need to have extensive knowledge in HTML to work on the content of the site?
What do I need to do in order to start selling?
Can I pre-schedule banners on my site to publish discounts, etc?
Is the Kooomo platform customizable?
Can someone design my store for me?