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Going Places: Kooomo is now integrated with Delivery Management Platform, Scurri

Simplicity. It’s what we’re all about here at Kooomo. Taking eCommerce, an industry that by its very nature is exceptionally complex, and making it simple for retailers to create a frictionless online shopping experience for their customers. At Scurri, their mission is to make delivery simple by applying technology in a way that solves the biggest delivery problems for retailers.

Now, Kooomo and Scurri have joined forces to provide a full integration of the carrier management system with the Kooomo platform.

In 2017, 43% of retailers drove revenue by offering a wider choice of delivery options. As customer expectations around shipping and delivery continue to soar, it’s never been more important for retailers to not only meet, but exceed them.

Shipping Made Easy

Scurri unlocks the potential for brands to ship worldwide by providing a host of over 20 courier services. Pre-defined rules in the Carrier Management System mean that orders can automatically move through all of the stages of the fulfilment process.

This means that merchants no longer have to manually sort through orders. Instead, users can customise shipping preferences so that when a customer places an order and chooses their shipping option (standard, express, next day delivery), the system automatically selects the best courier to fulfil that order. This means less time, less manpower, and less overall cost to retailers.

Less Time Labelling

With Scurri, there’s no need to have multiple printers set up to print labels for all of the various shipping carriers you use. Scurri has the ability to dynamically create shipping labels that are optimised for each carrier within their 20+ courier network. Currently, Scurri has 93% carrier coverage across the UK. All labels are standardised to fit thermal printers. Typically it takes one minute to manually input the label data for a single order into a system. With Scurri, it takes just one second to do the exact same job. By integrating Scurri’s Shipping API. British meal-kit retailer, Gousto went from spending 90 minutes per day to less than 15 minutes per week booking labels.

With shipping labels come tracking numbers, and with Scurri, all tracking feeds into the platform so there’s no need to check each individual carrier’s site for delivery updates. Customers and retailers automatically get delivery update notifications in real-time. What’s more is that thanks to the API integration, order status and tracking codes are all updated on the Kooomo platform, ensuring that our Account Management and Customer Service teams are equipped with all of the information they need on any given order with a single click.

Rory O Connor, CEO at Scurri says that the integration of Scurri with the Kooomo platform will elevate user experience:

“Scurri is excited to partner with Kooomo, an organisation that shares our passion in connecting eCommerce and harnessing the simplicity that cloud based SaaS solutions offer to customers.  The innovative Scurri delivery management solution enhances the Kooomo digital cloud commerce platform, providing customers with an end to end solution that makes the end users digital experience elegant, simple and straightforward.”

Kooomo CEO, Ciaran Bollard also believes that platforms like Scurri are disrupting the eCommerce industry:

“Here at Kooomo, we are committed to growing our partnership ecosystem. We believe in automation wherever possible, and teaming up with the aggregators in every area of the eCommerce space to ensure that our customers can integrate with best-in-class technologies. Scurri is the perfect example of a company that has taken shipping – a universal challenge for online retailers, and created a solution that eliminates complexity by aggregating flexibility with providers across all key markets, helping our brands scale on a global level.”

If you’re interested in using Scurri as part of your eCommerce solution with the Kooomo platform, our team can help guide you through the integration process – it’s quick, simple, and won’t interfere with any of your day to day fulfilment operations.

Remember, the Kooomo platform is upgraded every three weeks with new features at no additional cost to customers, so be sure to stay tuned for details on our newest improvements, additions, and features that will help drive your eCommerce business to greater success!