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How is Kooomo different to other eCommerce platforms?

We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to pay astronomical fees for enterprise technology to power an online store. Nor do we think they should have to license dozens of technologies to manage a single sale.

Our mission is to open up businesses to the international market in a way that is affordable, fast and adhesive to their own brand goals.
How Kooomo compares
How is Kooomo different to other eCommerce platforms?

Affordable Enterprise Technology

With Kooomo you get enterprise ecommerce technology that powers every aspect of your online shop, integrated directly into the platform. There's no chance of the platform becoming too small or having to be upgraded for additional bandwidth as your business grows.
icon - Migrate to Kooomo in 90 days on average

Migrate to Kooomo in 90 days on average

icon - No system integrator costs

No system integrator costs

 Affordable Enterprise Technology

Powerful Content Management System

Other eCommerce platforms have page building tools. Not Kooomo.

Our built-in, powerful, and user-friendly Content Management System means that eCommerce managers and marketing teams can create and configure the content they need without limitations.

  • Manage multiple languages through a single interface
  • Custom landing pages (special offers, events, promotions)
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Launch and manage a company blog
  • Create pages to enhance customer experience (delivery information, sustainability mission, payment methods, returns policy)
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Powerful Content Management System
Break into new markets
There is a huge opportunity for retailers and brands to expand into new markets, but limitations and compliance often holds them back. Kooomo’s DNA is European. We get how complex cross-border selling can be. So we built the platform with international expansion in mind.
Break into new markets
Multiple languages, currencies, and VAT rates in a single storefront


Multiple languages, currencies + VAT rates can simply be switched on within the platform


Configure payment methods and courier services to give international customers a localised experience


Fully compliant with all European eCommerce standards and regulations, including GDPR, PSD2, 3D Secure 2.0, Geoblocking, and Privacy Shield

How MotoGP™ accelerated sales in 80 countries with Kooomo
The MotoGP™ store required a global platform that understood the complexities of internationalisation and everything that comes with it such as payment methods, multiple languages, couriers, currencies, and VAT rates.
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How MotoGP™ accelerated sales in 80 countries with Kooomo
Sell wherever, whenever
Why should you have to drop an order because the item a customer purchased online isn’t available in your warehouse, but there are 10 units sitting on a shelf in your physical store? 

With Kooomo’s built-in omnichannel eCommerce features, inventory is synchronised in real-time, so customers can buy (or return) products pretty much any way they like. Meanwhile, your operations are optimised for maximum efficiency and optimised fulfillment.
Camomilla Italia's omnichannel integration success
Access to industry leaders

We’ve joined forces with agencies and technologies who align with our mission to help businesses expand without limits.

Our Agency Partners design and develop beautiful online stores and user experiences that help businesses attract, win, and keep more customers. 

Our Technology Partners offer the most innovative software across all areas of eCommerce, including personalisation, payments, deliveries, AI, marketing automation, and more - all of which are already integrated into the Kooomo platform, ready to plug and play.

Personalised Customer Experience
Your customers should feel special. That you understand how they shop, what their preferences are, and most of all when they need help, that they have a pain-free experience, no matter what channel they choose to reach out on.

We’ve made the platform dynamic so that you can schedule and launch promotions based on your customers’ locations, currencies, and behaviours. Customer queries are also centralised in the platform to give full visibility to customer service teams. Happy teams. Happy customers.
Customer Experience this way
 Personalised Customer Experience
So what do you think? Does Kooomo sound like a good fit for your business?
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