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Manage all sales channels

Fulfil the maximum number of orders possible by centralising all of your stock information using our Distributed Order Management tools. Get detailed reports on the orders coming through from all digital commerce sales channels in your customised order report dashboard. Gain instant insight into your high-performing channels

Automate Order Processing

Activate specific rules and filters to effectively manage all orders and move them through various processes automatically. For example, command the platform to 'Check for all orders with status PAID', set the action to 'Create invoices, generates shipping labels, invoices, and return slips', and apply a filter to exclude 'Any orders missing a phone number/partial address.'

Manage Refunds, Exchanges & Returns

Review and manage all incoming requests for returns, exchanges, and refunds through the order management dashboard. You can also cross-reference requests with the customer service portal to ensure a smooth customer experience.
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